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It’s a pity the bleeding heart paul cabbage didn’t make it to that.


Malachy Clerkin in Ir Times was at same event -posted his article in the Ir Times section.


He doesn’t deal in truth, he is crawling around the dark cesspit of failure were sensationalism is the currency and no lie is too big.


Cheers will give it a read .


that would involve cabbage actually having to do some proper work.

before the all ireland JG gave a very interesting insight into work/life balance and hwo he applies it to the team. the sort of thing “I find it very interesting” cabbage would be all over. the fact that there was a major two day conferance in which some of the best sports managers in the country were at and it was barely mentioned by the GAA media says it all.


They probably would have had to pay in, and as we all know Irish media are entitled to free and unencumbered access to everything including your inner thoughts so that they can be dragged up and used against you in the event that things don’t work out the way you wish. The sports media only breathe the rarefied air of the high moral ground…

They would never dig into their own pockets in order to get access to managers… that would be against their ethos and entitlement as card carrying members of the NUJ


Good interview and article on Jayo


I bumped into Jason Sherlock at a hotel we were doing a course.

Felt tempted to acknowledge him but was afraid of looking stupid.

Near sure he bowed out after the monsoon in ‘08 when Tyrone came to town. (How fortunes have changed).

One of the many good players that never won an AI.


For us outsiders…Jim G is like a riddle wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma…or so the quote goes.

You could do a hundred interviews and still not know him.

He’s a polarising figure…but I enjoy interviews with Philly McMahon. Just tells it as it is - you see what you get.

And I enjoy the reason why some dislike him: his will to win and do what it takes. It’s what makes winners.

Both men have opposite personas, but both are remarkably similar as natural leaders.


Jayzus. That’s gonna come as a terrible shock to Jayo ! :grin:


‘95? I didn’t think he was old enough - but sure you’re right


Think it was 2011…the ‘95 dublin team came up to play the ‘95 Tyrone team for a charity match in Dungannon.

They brought Sam with them.

Not sure if the Dublin players hung about the club afterwards…but they got a good turnout.


He won an All Ireland in 1995?!?! Surely you remember that?!


Now you say it I do…but I actually forgot he went back that far. Genuinely.

I know I’m incredibly handsome…but Jason still looks very young.


He was arguably the key factor in the winning of that fabled holy Grail. Boom boom boom


He got the curly finger before half-time in that quarter-final defeat against Kerry in 2009.


Very famous goal in the semi that year v Cork …


I think Jason lasted about 25 minutes. Himself & Bryan Cullen taken off at the same time I think.


Polarising as in the Dubs love him because his teams win nearly all of the time. While the country folks and media are sick of him and his team winning nearly all of the time.

I get it!


I know you didn’t mean that in a bad way but he really is not a polarising figure. On the ground you could not ask for a nicer man who does plenty of unseen things in his own understated way - both in Dublin and outside. The thing is he does not play the media game so they paint him negatively whenever they can. Just like they do in every other aspect of Irish life as we have seen yet again this week. They thrive on peddling negativity and friction. It’d be good if some of them had a fraction of Jim’s decency.