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Where is that he is sitting, and who are the 3 aul lads with him? You would think he would have been allowed bring the moth or something


A Davy Fitz box in Croker ?


That is the Stats guys box at the back of the Ard Comhairle - more or less on halfway. Stats team would usually be there monitoring things live. Johnny C was in it a few times during League when he was injured. You are encased so no-one can annoy you … nor can you chat to the lino …


Well worth a read…


Very well written and raises some very important points but I have to question the timing. This could have been published the week after the Westmeath game. Why the weekend of our Leinster Final? Can we not just focus on our greatest of all time team going for a record number of Leinster titles in a row? I’m sorry but I’m just tired of this now


I agree with you , the incident has been well aired at this stage .

Article raises some good points though .


I never heard about this at all. What happened?


and that is before we mention the Cody “making minor contact” with a linesman which got very little coverage from RTE or Sky and which never made it into the referees notebook unlike DC. there is opinion out there that it made it into the notebook because of TSG.


There wasn’t enough mention of Connolly in this piece, far too much about that Gavin lad. Typical of the bias against our players.


Couldn’t read that article. Was blinded by the glare of Gooch’s medals pinned to his chest, in the ad beside it. Imagine the uproar if a Dub posed for an ad like that. Christ on a bike like…:astonished:


It’s their culture … modesty is in the DNA …


Surprised he agreed to that tbh - looks a bit morto and rightly so. With all the fruit salad going on he looks like someone who got lost on the way to the National Day of Commemoration…


If the price is right …


Correct. The greatest player of his generation or indeed any generation is as good as any ex kerryman in pimping out his opinion on football. It’s gods will. I won’t be reading the ginger lads bland opinion pieces. We have the bomber for that.


Is there any truth in the rumour that those people in Yerra-Yerra land believe that Jesus Christ was the first coming of Colm Cooper?


Ahh, that’s nice for the wee lad though isn’t it?

I wonder does he have the one that was stolen from him in 2011 on somewhere as well?



Good article by Mossie, we will see how right he is tomorrow :grinning:


Picture in today’s sport Examiner below shows the pitch ripped up again yesterday evening. I’d say Croker weren’t happy to see that published! Can hardly be good for it but sure €€€


one wonders do we have a concert venue to play matches on occasionally or vice versa