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It a bit of a farce Leinster Council only making decision now with game in a month. Hope nobody booked Wexford in anticipation of this game


I said weeks ago they’d change the venue…end of the day the gaa want to make money and Wexford is just too small for the powers that be


For all fans of “Judas John” as some of you choose to call him :wink:


Deluded Johnny




Me? Never :grin:



The realisation that his own county adopted some of the same tactics in future years finally gets the old dinosaur to see the error of his ways.

I wonder how much that jibe fired up the Tyrone lads every time they played Kerry during the 00s?



Spillane doing his bit to pave the way for Kerry to bring down the Dubs, whatever it takes


Eamon Fitzmaurice gets a robust response from Sports Ireland about leaking and the length of time involved in the B O’Sullivan case . very interesting


I always thought Eamon Fitzmaurice was overrated as a player - made look good by much better players around him. I am finding him a very dis-likeable character as a manager.


He does what what every ex gaa kerryman player does and talks out of both sides of his mouth.


That article and Dr Una May’s response completely rejects Fitzmaurice’s assertions, exposes his motivations and shows his outburst to be poorly thought out - in short , he looks to know more about this than he’s pretending .


Fitzmaurice talking out his hole.

The old "he’s a sound lad who wouldn’t dream of doing such a thing’ defence must surely be untenable at this stage as it’s been said about every person ever caught in such a situation.


I have printed the part of the article before Mikey Sheehy comes in with Yerra rubbish …

Kerry manager Éamonn Fitzmaurice claimed earlier this week that O’Sullivan received a phone call from Sport Ireland at 10am on the morning of May 12, 2016 where he was informed that he had tested positive for a banned substance and was being served with a four-year ban.

Sport Ireland anti-doping chief Dr Una May rubbished this claim, adding: “To say that we would ring him to say he had a four-year ban — why would we? In all these years, we have never had a supplement case that would lead to a four-year ban. Until you hear an athlete’s story, you can’t possibly say it’s going to be a four-year ban. That’s clearly inaccurate and incorrect.”

The war of words continued yesterday as Kerry released a statement responding to what they term “claims of misinformation” by the anti-doping boss. Kerry top-brass indicate O’Sullivan was emailed at 10.23am on the morning in question by Sport Ireland “to follow up on an earlier phone call from Dr Una May”.

“In this email, an attachment detailing his case, signed by Dr Una May, informed him that he was banned for four years until he could prove his innocence,” said the Kerry statement.

According to Kerry, the email sent to O’Sullivan on May 12 read: “Our records indicate that this would be your first ADRV [anti-doping rule violation] and therefore pursuant to Article 10.1.1 Sport Ireland shall assert that a period of ineligibility of four (4) yearsshould be imposed upon you.”

Dr May insisted in Wednesday’s Irish Examiner that information pertaining to O’Sullivan was not leaked by the oversight body and undue focus was being put on this aspect of the case given Fitzmaurice’s assertion Sport Ireland should investigate how the Kerry footballer’s failed drug test became known to a Sunday newspaper.

The Kerry statement continued: “During his press event on Monday, June 5, Eamonn Fitzmaurice did not say that Sport Ireland was responsible for the leak of Brendan O’Sullivan’s case. He merely asked where the leak came from and this is still a valid query.

“We hope that this finally concludes this protracted process.”

Note that Kerry Board say that the email was “to follow up on an earlier phone call from Dr Una May”.** They (Kerry ) are inferring the email says it was a follow up , but Una May says otherwise

Well why not release the entire email ??? That should clear it up

Think its fairly ironic, that B O’Sullivan is player on a team sponsored by Kerry Group, a global company in food flavourings , and he didn’t like the taste of the coffee gel supplement. I’m sure he could have had a different flavour if he’d asked…

The halo is slipping ,dear oh dear…



Normally there is a bit of insight from Quirke TBF but let’s be honest, where’s the harm in a manager simply defending one of his players by making a point whether people think it’s right or wrong…


This us v them is coming along nicely.


John Fogarty’s take on the matter