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Was there not a game between Kerry & Northern team a few years ago, that was said to be worse than the Battle of Omagh, that was brushed under the media carpet at the time.


Lookee here, most of the name son this list are from KOTF


Yeah a lot of Kerry folk - forgot all about Darren ‘i have a number in my head’ O’Sullivan. inagine that was Dublin footballers Ger Gilroy would have to clear the schedule of news talk for the week to cover the outrage.


Brilliant !:grin:


That’s a pretty revealing that list. Murder if it were Dubs doing it so frequently.

The story from O’Connor’s autobiography of being paid by the Kerry county board, then clarified as being just a paid holiday, while he worked half days as a teacher is nuts on loads of levels. His autobiography seems to have been very detailed, and perhaps not the most tactful either.

The focus on Mayo in this by Newstalk is counter-productive I think. As long as they and others - fans mainly, and quite possibly some players too - think it’s these things that are holding Mayo back and not their own limitations they are doomed to failure.


There was a very feisty junior club game in Portlaoise as I recall … didn’t a Mammy attack a player with her handbag?! Declan O’Sullivan I think?!


Mammies are great, so they are.




Newstalk have a long standing love in with Mayo.

Btw, has Irish tv gone? Can’t see it in my sky guide anymore. Run by a Mayo man, it was hilarious when their coverage from Smithfield of the Dublin homecoming was captioned as “the Mayo homecoming live from castlebar” :grinning:


Yeah, I don’t have it either & I’m with Eir. Been gone a couple of week now.


Aye just before Christmas it was wound up …


Pity it was quite good, but it was still on the epg a few weeks ago. Went looking for their paddys day coverage and noticed it was gone.


Life will never be the same without ‘Susan and Malachy’s Country Hour’ !


I’m impressed with the alter egos you and Daller created for yisserselves. Sorry to hear your broadcaster has gone out of business.


Thanks Al. It’s a lot of work being the Mad Mammy in Crystal Swing, while pretending to be a Dubs supporter.


Think that was Dromid Pearses vs Derrytresk.

Back then there was no love lost between Kerry and Tyrone.

I mind Dr Crokes giving off about Cross fans as well.

But all’s fair in love and war.

I still have a romantic nostalgia for the green and gold jersey. Wouldn’t be the same if they weren’t about.


:smile: She is quite possibly the scariest looking person I’ve ever seen in the music ‘industry’, and that’s saying something!!


You mean it’s a pretence that we like C&W?!

As punishment you should be made listen to Hugo Duncan or Northern Sound at times. Worse than water boarding.


Mother of Jesus Daller,

Hugo Diddly Dee Duncan ?

That’s punishment of the highest order.


Thought it was National League game either last year or year before.