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Cork golden era at u21 is finished. Kerry took their eye off the ball over last couple decades. This has been rectified now.


“that they’ve been cheated out of their proper place in the pantheon of greats because they haven’t had to play outside Croke Park”. This article was in a national paper, and a blatant fanfare and plea for one side to win. Apart from anything else the level of delusion in it is gobsmacking.

True journalists like Con Houlihan, also a proud Kerryman, would turn in his grave to see what now passes for comment, and expression in media from his part of the world. Loser mentality that must be an insidious drain on the players, and coaches it supposedly supports/promotes.

And then you have the Donaghy “no one likes us, we are in a siege” mentality, which also shows where they have reached. But Geaney is a gem, and fearless. If JOD discovers form, and fitness again, they have two great leaders of real talent in attack. They need one top class midfielder to emerge, and a couple of half-backs, and full-backs


they have one top class midfielder David Moran who they need to keep fit, they are as strong in that dept as the dubs


He is extremely capable but has had terrible injury, and fitness problems. Has lost alot of pace


I like David Moran and he had a great season in 2014 after many years blighted by injury but in truth he has not been as effective at all since and has mostly been overshadowed by a young lad from Raheny.


It’s their defence that they need to sort out which is where they need new blood–

they have a fine midfield and loads of forwards with a lethal inside line on their day. But Mayo’s defence at the moment is way better than Kerry’s.


They need a good centre back


Midfield has regularly been eat in recent times …


Reading that TG4’s new boss has given notice that Dara O’Cinneide’s show ’ Seo Spoirt’ is to end when the 2017 Allianz league finishes .

No doubt he will pop up somewhere else , hopefully local radio .


That’s odd , I’m doubt there’s much cost in the production of that


It’s on the Ir Times site so can’t show link


Will miss SBBs insightful contributions …


Is he still alive?

Check out his barnet back here…


He was a regular contributor … sorry, I mean guest …


Just in case we forgot who the real champions are


Not that Jim Gavin would be involved in that but that’s pin it to the dressing room wall material for March 18th :thinking::grin:


Some achievement winning Junior All Irelands with amalgamations and senior All Ireland winners alright.


I think the simple solution to that situation is to leave the Kerry Co Board to run their club championships, as is, but then players who played in the County Senior Championship for a divisional team, cannot play with their club in a provincial/All-Ireland Junior or Intermediate Championship.

In fairness, some Dublin clubs (especially some bigger ones) came about as amalgamations at one time or another.


For starters…