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Beat me to it!


The old roof looks a bit old, not sure its suitable for re-use in the new stadium. Maybe Frank has exported it to some island nation somewhere…


Spike Island.


cooooork … coooooorkk … coooooork …


Scrub your keyboard in dettol and bleach after typing that!!!


nice little compact stadium, but a right kip really. you’d have to wonder is €70 million for a stadium which will be full once or twice a year if it is lucky is financially sensible …


originally it did (in the €70 Million plan) but then (shock horror!) they found out that you couldn’t as it was too decrepit to move - so they needed a new roof on the far side.

Then (more shock horror!) they discovered that the concrete in the terracing had to be replaced! (but the joists were OK)

there is talk of it hitting the €100 million mark.

Just let that sink in for what they are getting and how often it will be used…


They may be able to have a weekly Garth Brooks concert or something to offset the cost.


Crystal Swing probably would be that bit more popular down by De Banks.


Fixed …


The Marina walk and surrounds does be busy in the evenings alright, the area caters to many, er, interests… so I hear anyway. Some residents are wondering where the current nocturnal movements will end up being enacted, after the construction work has long gone…


Well in fairness John does have a very soft spot for Mayo, so here are his thoughts on the matter.


Hell hath no fury like a journo that never gets a scoop …


Isn’t it great when people accuse others of being one sided in really one sided articles .


Depends on who’s side you’re on …


Some insight into Kevin Mc Manamon , enjoyable read.


That’s one very interesting article. Very impressive character!

As a group and as individuals they are a phenomenal bunch!


to honour Kevin Mcs 4 all irelands to date Judes are running a tribute night with proceeds going to warriors of the light. Friday Jan 20th

Should be a interesting night with a very discerning panel


WTF would dunphy know about GAA ? Other than name checking Brian Cody and the Kilkenny hurlers when great teams and managers in sports are mentioned on the RTE panel , he is some spoofer on soccer can’t imagine what shite he would spout on the gag.


Agreed. Drives me nuts when the likes of Brolly and Parkinson take shots at them for being robotic, or lacking personality or whatever. Brolly was at it again last week, having a go at James McCarthey because he wasn’t poring his heart and soul, out to Brolly on a recent junket to Boston. Gobshyte ! :unamused: