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As father Jack says “FEICK OFF”

Al, I just don’t like your posts. I disagree with most things you say. Sometimes I feel that you reply purely because you can. I’ts very obvious that you have no idea about coaching and game play, yet you comment on it. With a condescending tone too.

So I decided to ignore your sports comments, as I just disagree with most of what you said.

But by all means, drag your ideas into the open. Sorry dude, I’ve gone for the gentlemanly reaction.


You love his weather posts, though?



I was referring to endless debating about everything … and even endless debating about debating with yourself.

I like the weather stuff though …


Whether you do, or weather you don’t!

I still will not apologise!


Ah lads it takes all kinds. The real enemy is Billy Keane - let’s us be having book burning bonfire. :+1:


Which was in reply to a post I made about Dermo. Not an unobvious connection for me to make so. And still you carry on with the personal stuff. And can’t understand why I react to it. I give up.


That’s fair enough. I disagree with lots of people’s posts too. But try to keep the anti-personnel mines out of it.
And no, I don’t reply just because I can. One of many false assumptions you make my good sir, to fit/suit your beliefs. I don’t care a hoot whether you like my posts or agree or whatever, really who gives a fook, it’s a forum for opinions.

But to call someone ‘condescending’ whilst saying things like “it’s very obvious you have no idea” amongst other regular put-downs, well, let’s just say irony must be very lost on you.

Only time I get personal is in response to someone else having a go. Otherwise I like to leave people get on with it. Try it some time


[quote=“25AliveOh, post:409, topic:36”]
And still you carry on with the personal stuff. And can’t understand why I react to it. I give up.[/quote]

Can’t understand this personal stufff at all Al!!! I’d be quite happy for you to buy me many beers any time …


Ah, nicely deflected there sir. Down to silly mid-off for 3 runs.

What are you having?


Heino! Yaw …


Extract from the article below …

The Kerry football boss believes it is possible to achieve significant improvements without “having to spend the world” and claimed the amount of money being pumped into his Kerry team is “negligible” by comparison with other counties.

Team expenses in Kerry last year, across both codes and all grades from minor upwards, ran to €998,495, a 3% rise on the 2014 total. Included in that were the physiotherapy and medical services which reached €194,292, an 18% hike by comparison with the previous year’s spend. The costs associated with the various Kingdom teams put the county sixth overall, behind Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick, and Tipperary, all of whom broke the €1m mark.

Jaysus Eamon … €1.5k less than a million is ‘negligible’ … !!! Tell that to the next person that asks you for a few cent for a cup of tea …


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Great article on Ger Brennan adapting to life after the Dubs:



Ha! Well he won’t want to known as the manager that broke the €1mn barrier and didn’t land an AI- I would think the actual cost is well in excess of €1mn when all the free services and products from suppliers/sponsors are taken into account …


Emmm … So what counties spend significantly more than that?


He’s being more than a little Yerra like there alright! Going on those figures they would appear to have had €1,500 change after their US fundraising visit last year. So where does the Kerry Group funding go??

That said they have a big fundraising drive on for the last number of years trying to build a training facility/centre of excellence. Like us, they have none.

The other big question around that article is … WTF are Cork, Galway and Limerick spending the money on!!!


The Dublin County Board report link on their website doesn’t work - access denied , so don’t know what the figure is, Mayo’s report exists I am sure but not showing up in the google requests …


all the bodies and report you need about Cork are buried here


Jesus. Did they dig up the old Cusack stand and cart it down to Leeside?



It’s starting to look like the Simmonscourt Pavilion. Ra ra ra! They’re going to steal the horse show!


He’s not far off the truth. Don’t the plans for the renovated Pairc, entail moving the old, corrugated iron roof from one of the old stands & putting it on top of one of the new ones? Mad stuff altogether.