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Good honest article – i think Connolly interviews very well

re: Shot – I think going short was the right option a but Connolly was right that he expected the defensive setup should have been in place for the kickout once the ball went dead. I think it was O’Gara who made a silly call to try and tackle the goal keeper, thus leaving his man free. Have a feeling that’s why O Gara didn’t see game time in the replay

Anyway as Connolly says, we got the job done the next day!


Thats the only issue I had in relation to Connolly kicking that sideline. He had the balls to take on the shot. He goes down in history if it goes over. If it goes dead he expects his team to be ready for the kickout. This was in place until O’Gara had a brain fart and ran at the keeper. His man got the ball and setup the attack to allow the equailiser. If he had of marked up like the rest I feel Clarke would of had to gone long and there more than likely would not of been a replay.


The €3.5m play …


Odds were Mayo would have won that kickout, or got a free there, they were on the front foot anyway. At least as good a chance we win the ball off them in the play where they worked it up the field, or they make a mistake somewhere along the line, or we concede a free further out (equally ask how we hardly got a tackle in on any of their players during that move, as ask about O’Gara’s marking).

I can’t understand the endless debate and critique of this, TBH would anyone have wanted it to end that way, us hanging onto ball and negatively trying to close the game out, in a match we didn’t deserve to win at all, lucky to be still in it? Not me for sure. The way the game was going we could easily have lost the ball trying to hang on, maybe even conceded a goal as we had less cover back at that stage.


Why? How can you possibly say that???

As for the endless debating … seems to be one man endlessly debating it alright … with himself …


Couldn’t give a shite. A win is a win. You win some good, you win some bad.


No , well not me anyway because the back lash would have been unreal considering how we played . Very happy how we won it the second day and a fitting way to win B2B :blush:


I would imagine you are right on O’Gara.


Try playing the ball, not the man. Cheap shots cheapen the shooter. If you have a point to make how about providing an opinion & details to back it up?


Jeeze Al cheapen the shooter or whatever you like but your negativity leading into every season and game is legendary here. But it’s a new departure to be reading it after an All Ireland win. The drawn game ‘we didn’t deserve to win at all’ ??? Says you I presume??

The point I make is that I said we would win Sam and we did. And I am enjoying every second of that this winter - it being a fact. And I have absolutely no interest in nit picking through incidents in matches and the negative ‘might have beens’ … because they never came to pass.

I have often thought you’d be a happier man if Dublin had lost. I’m convinced of it now.


Am certainly not one to pass up an "Ugly " win but I have to say my overriding feeling after the drawn game was one of relief that we had not won and had a chance to redeem ourselves …thankfully we did

But for me victory on first day would have been “hollow” and although we all would find reasons why we won we would not have the feelings we should from victory


Laughbale. You’re incapable of balanced debate or hearing an alternative on anything even relating to critical thought about Dublin games. You go on a rant about negativity, as if you take it personally, and yet this is in defense of constant repetition of posts about what Dermo should have done and not done, that has also been debated to death. If I’d posted the comments that I was responding to about Dermo’s kick you’d be the first one on here telling me, “Ah get over it, we didn’t lose, and then we won the replay. Dermo’s a hero”.

In fact what actually did I say that you now claim was overtly negative and so offensive to your sensitivities about the team? I was responding to people being negative about Dermo. I said I was glad it ended up the way it did because we went on to win it well the next day. But all you can do is pick up on it as some awfully negative thing I’m supposedly saying to go on a rant about because you’re so obsessed with your “no pessimism allowed here!” agenda that you can’t even let it go now.

And you make it a personal agenda too, which is pathetic. Get a bleedin grip Aido.


Nothing personal about it at all. Not a rant at all so calm down there Al. Different world view that’s all.


Calm down there yerself, you started the grief. Still waiting to find out what it was about me defending Dermo that you managed to turn into a personal tirade against everything I’ve posted about the Dubs that you want banned (along with poppies etc)?

So do you agree or disagree that the “Dermo nearly cost us the All-I” campaign is out of order at this stage? Because if I’d posted that he did, and then kept on about it, you would have been down on it like a tonne of diaries.


Sorry Al - I haven’t a clue what you’re talking about. Genuinely.


How much simpler can it be? In black and white above, I am glad Dermo went for the score & that the game ended in a draw. I’m tired of reading about how Dermo “did the wrong thing”. We might easily have lost anyway. We didn’t. We won the replay.

What is it it about any of that which provoked the re-ignition of your anti-negativity campaign?


I think you are getting me mixed up with someone - I genuinely don’t know what you are talking about. I never even mentioned Dermo?!!!

Just leave it.


Or maybe you should do what I do!


Your original response to my post above, about “endless debating”, that post you responded to was about what people were saying about Diarmuid Connolly (remember him)'s free/sideline at the end of the drawn game.

Therefore it’s not a stretch to assume you read the post and knew what I was talking about. Why the playing dumb about it?

Btw, hiya Rochey, :heart_eyes: love your posts too. No need to be polite, the ignore option is well known for all. I prefer the adult option button myself, not the schoolyard one. Generally get more respect when you speak directly to someone, or PM them, rather than snidey backhand comments to others. Ah well, he can’t read this. Love you Rochey!