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I think the head groundsman should have kept whatever he had to say off Twitter and said it to JG or management /DCB

Being the intelligent man JG is, am sure he will deal with this appropriately and not on Twitter.


Don’t see tweet up there now. If he doesn’t think there was something wrong with the surface the first day then …

If the jibe at Jim came from McKenna I’d expect it


I need something to light the fire with when your finished fire it over.


Ah look who is writing it clickbait boy himself Fogarty.


I’ve got the basis of the perfect sponsorship logo for McKenna’s native county jersey. If they just drop the “Mc” at the start it would read “Ewan is bitter”. Even the colours would suit the white geansai.


That is indeed lovely and a fine post Master Beeko - alas I was referring to Peter McKenna.

I refuse to acknowledge even the mere existence of the subject of your fine comedic effort on the basis that such a person could not exist without being fatally consumed in a raging cauldron of their own inadequacy, jealousy and bitterness.


Beeko, sorry dude was meant to get back to ya. Consider this done. Ill be using me master potato shop skills with love on this.


Ewan is so bitter its nearly a lemon.


Brilliant. @dcr22B should tweet that (and the original) now the the knob.


‘Groundskeeper Wille slates Dubs shocker’.

Most mainstream media outlets have given up the pretence and are flat out targeting revenue by publishing these articles.

We should support real journalism where ever we find it. Maybe even buy the paper…


We may need Indiana Jones’ help …


What happened to yer man moran outta the times? I always thought he was good. but clickbait fogarty is really scraping the barrell…


Not sure where Sean Moran went. A loss.




Tom Humphries. Class Journo… No comment about anything else mind you, but no doubting his class. Used to love the Monday morning coffee over in the local cafe, Times in hand. A real wordsmith and wouldn’t be lost in the company of Con Houlihan.



Good read. Glad there is two sides of the debate emerging and it better coming from a self confessed ‘culchie’… though wait for wally wanker to point out after doing some investigative journalism that the self confessed ‘culchie’ is a third cousin removed of someone who lives in carperterstown, therefore he is biased, blah blah blah.


“That they have and, as the Dublin manager explained, there is nothing to stop club officials all over Ireland from putting business plans of their own in place and using them to seek money from HQ towards GPOs of their own”

this is an interesting little comment at the end. I had that discussion with bitter from brazil after he had mentioned that other contied didnt have business development plans like dublin could afford. you can probably guess that he didnt reply to the fact that I did a course in this, for free, in the FAS centre in shannon, and that every local tech which does a start your own business course in the evenings has this as a module.

then you have this report form the leinster council, which seems ot have been a two day wonder in the media

and here

although if one googles “leinster GAA hurling waste” you get articles about dublin hurling on the usual basis…

its almost like some people are deflecting like donald trump in GAA land.


Dunno how accurate the article is but the second picture is Michael Reynolds and not John Horan as captioned …


.John Horan would object to that