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Again opinions boss , a few agree here with me , a few don’t , I won’t be losing any sleep over it either way :wink:. BTW I didn’t want to do all the work for you , the clip I watched yesterday was the game with Wesshie doing the radio commentary , just for clarification .


Red card all day! :grin:


And a great commentary that is. A few other things always stand out for me to want to know more from that game, Kerry 4 ahead, TOSé hits great pass to KYoung, takes out the whole Dublin swarm defence, Young in loads of space to swing a shot, gives it to Gooch, who is not in space, and running away from goal to a worse angle.

Nothing against KY but considering what happened near the end of the final last year, plus the fumble and intercepted pass that allowed the Dublin counterattack for the goal in 2011 (with Kerry backs up field) he must curse the sight of blue and navy. Played a super game this year in the semi though.

Also from the 2011 final, if we had lost we’d be asking why oh why didn’t Kevin go to punch the ball for that goal chance from the Barry Cahill pass?

How on earth did BBrogan overrun the pass from (whoever) that went over his head (and MOSés head) near the end? He clearly misjudged it and its easier not to. Catch and turn there, certain point, possibly even a goal chance.

If MDMA had got that point to go 2 up I wonder what would have happened? Kerry get a point, then all-out Dublin defending deep to hang on? Kerry win a free to equalise? Sure worked out better!

Who would have won the replay? Almost certainly Kerry. We had much better prep for the final than them.

The MCCauley interceptions that set up attacks for the goal and Nolans point were exceptional pieces of work that never got the credit, even when he has done similar in the biggest games since. I always remember the harping on about “Kerry mistakes”, starting with ItMustBeSaid, and Wee Bitterín on the radio.

Dublin got virtually no luck whatsoever in the 15-20 minutes of the 2nd half up til the KY fumble etc. That they didn’t panic, and maintained shape and intensity is a great testament to the prep, leadership, and what was learned during that year, and from 2010.

Otherwise Kerry had that sewn up, one more point ahead we would surely have had to commit more to attack, and get picked off. The goal coming right then made all the difference. A couple of points would only have made Kerry go deeper, then we can’t get a goal, and Kerry keep their noses in front.

The fact that Kerry pushed up to kill the game gloriously after the Gooch point, was the main thing that allowed the goal chance. Without that the cover would have been there. They had no need to push half-backs up (Young a fullback?) at 4 ahead. I think finally they lost a bit of focus, thought they had it in the bag, and that can be fatal because mentally it’s very hard to get it back.


In fairness, his legs were like jelly at that stage.


Sent chivers down my spine …


… and it’s aching all the time (in the absence of KY).


You’s are for the Birds :confused:


Why not - in the Lyons den


They made jelly too??

Just another recollection re-our favourite shining Star - the s*ite he came out with about ROC prior to the final last year, and smart-arsed stuff about “yer man” (Cluxton). I’m sure it was just “refreshingly honest” but let’s cut to the chase here, no class, gets away with murder.


Who among you will actually buy and read the book? Let’s have some honesty … I’ll start …

Certainly not at the moment … but slight possibility for hols next year … just slight mind…


Not me anyway, I still have Jim McGuinness and John Leonard’s books to get started


Leonard’s is mental but Jim ain’t getting no free lunch from me for winning one game …


Dorothy is on The Late Late Show tomorrow night so I’m sure you will be all be glued to it…


Jesus I’m going to write a book …


I rarely need encouragement to go out for a pint on a Friday night … but if I did :point_up:


Is he going to wear anti-gouging goggles?


That’s another thing! Had to laugh at people criticising Eugene McGee for his comments about JMG, yet we posted many opinions almost exactly the same. I agree with McGee, McGuinness is getting to pass himself off as some sort of Gandalf the Wizard about all things tactical & rules of the game etc.


Gandalf McGuinness has nice ring to it, maybe title of his next book…


Saw this mentioned in Indo site a few days back , and heres the Examiner version :airplane: .


Really makes me sick the sh**te they’re reduced to printing now…