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Quality banter there :joy:



You’d want to be some class of an attention seeking eegit, to get into a Twitter spat with Brolly. He has no qualms about putting the boot in, no matter who you are. He has put twat face from Laois in his place, more than once. :grinning:


Take yer pick al or think of it as a lucky dip. Either way I hope we see the back of him. Hateful player.


Said before Kerry don’t loose all Irelands, they just don’t perform.


I read the Sunday times thing as well, found it, and his story to be very interesting.

Makes no bones of the fact that he was sent in as a big man with very little football abilities to cause trouble and be a gurrier. This is basically what we’ve always said.

On the her Brennan arm, funny enough I was reading a book on the 2011 win and the author says “Brennan strong arm which should have been a red”

Honestly, I can’t remember it either way.


Have to say, I thought it was as blatant a red as they come.


I’d agree. A red all day.


46 mins in


He got away with that elbow on Nolan. Not yellow carded for that incident, was along booked a few minutes along with Rory.


Pure accident. Kerry guy slipped into him. Ger would not do anything like that deliberately. He’s a Christian.


Forgot to mention, how much stick did Gooch get for looking for a red? Same as Dermo I assume?


Kieran Shannon worked with as team psychologist for Mayo under James Horan. Has also worked with Clare footballers.


Watched that 5 times now and can’t decide if it is deliberate, hard one to call because he slips/is fouled and falling into Ger, can’t see how anyone can say it’s a red all day. Definitely wouldn’t blame a ref for that one.


He slipped but Gers arms come up and then out into his face with force. It’s a fairly clear red to me.


I think he’s bracing himself.


Yeah but I can’t really see a clear strike. Think most of the force comes from O’Sullivan slipping more so than a strike from Ger.


Looked at it a few times, for Brennan to have deliberately strong armed him in he head would have taken the decision making and reaction abilities of a cat. Looks ham fisted attempt to stop him but the actual collision and injury looks accidental to me. The fact that he got a yellow is probably colouring it, had he got nothing many would probably say it’s a yelluo.


His arms come up instinctively to protect himself. Weather conditions were very poor too.


Only thing ratty Blue Panther, apart from my Beatrice Potter collection, was you when I called your bluff about the clip from the 2011 game. Having “just watched it back there” you somehow didn’t know where it was and “wouldn’t” post it up, not even to prove your passionately held view about Bad Boy Brennan. :smile:

The giveaway was “when did you last watch it?” Comedy snared gold :confused: :astonished: :yum:


Look at it in real time. How could he have had time, in a split second, to decide to try to hit Dec in the chin/face when Dec only started going down at that last split-second? All he knew when he put his arm up was that Dec was charging into him.

Anyone I’m sure someone from the inner circle will tell us after they’ve spoken to Oberstürmführer Gerhard. Sure maybe he was going for a point? Come to think of it, I know one of his neighbours!..