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I’m not saying what intentions he had but if that tackle had of been in replay I’d not have been surprised to see a player walk for it , again opinions here , your welcome to yours .


Of course. But what is your opinion based on? Mine is based on a thought-out series of things and actions. It wasn’t a tackle by the way, it was, IMO, clearly a collision but the way it happened DOS ended up getting poleaxed. It happens


Are you saying he didn’t go in with forearms for that tackle , its hardly a collision either . I’ve just watched it again there so feel free to debate that , which I’m sure you will .


Ok well I think that’s then a case of differing opinions. The question is why he put the arms up? Looks clear to me it was because O’Sullivan was about to run straight into him at full pelt. What would you do if you were in that situation? I’d put my arms up to protect myself, shield, deflect, absorb the impact. Probably close my eyes and wince too, even though I’m not nearly as tough as GB.

Dec OS is probably about the same height as Brennan. If both are standing to their own height, which one player running and another standing/getting ready to block or tackle usually would be, then Ger’s raised arms wouldn’t collide with Declan’s head, rather his chest and/or his arms.

So why did it pan out the way it did? Because at the last fraction of a second (look in real-time) DOS goes downwards, with absolutely no chance of adjustment by Brennan. He goes downwards because he tries to stop himself colliding at full pelt, by digging his boot(s) in, leaning back a bit, and probably slipping.


Can you post the moment?


[quote=“25AliveOh, post:305, topic:36”]
Mine is based on a thought-out series of things and actions.[/quote]

As always Al … as always … :zzz::zzz::zzz: :sunglasses:


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Jealousfishy will get you nowhere! :kissing_closed_eyes:


When was the last time you watched it if you asking me to post it .


I agree he lacks class but looking at him these past years he looks wound up over something. Just an impression I get.

I am self-aware enough to recognise I might not always be this sympathetic to him however, judging by the quotes from his book released so far.


Indeed you are right TL … that something is consistently losing to Dublin … :sunglasses:


Did I miss it, or has Ballyer been in yet, to lecture gently chide us, for not appreciating properly, the warrior spirit that lurks within Donaghy’s breast, what a noble son of the Kingdom he is, how dare we call him an unmerciful bawlocks…blah, blah,blah ?

How lucky we are to have him constantly on here, to show us the error of our ways. :grinning:

No love lost between him and Brolly still…


Red Hand methinks …


Was that not Donaghy’s Da?


Hmmmm yeah … and Kieran is his son …


So his Da is the Son of Tir Eoghain/Red Hand/A Bit Of How Yer Father…Donaghy is from Kerry. Or am I missing something? I’m after putting in a 14 hour day. I very possibly am.


Well he’s a son of the Red Hand rather than the Kingdom … nach ea?


I get ya…


From Donaghy’s tweet
"03 they ambushed us,05 they were better, 08 we were very unlucky"

Jaysus Kerry must be the unluckiest team that ever played the game. Imagine how many All Irelands they’d have if they were lucky …


Who cares when was the last time? I’m asking you to post it because I couldn’t find it and didn’t have time to look through the full recording.


No need to get ratty AL , there’s a slider button on you tube clips , I’m sure you’ll eventually find it :joy: