Internet & GAA Trolls


Yeah but it’s not just the accusation on that site, people are taking Sean cavanaghs “how can they be so much better than us when they train the same as us” bull as being “evidence” of doping


Saint Dermo of Marino

God bless him


There is a huge amount of animosity towards Dublin GAA. I suppose success brings that. Some of it is simply way over the top and libelous. It’s hard to sit back and say ■■■■ it when there seems to be a cartel of self proclaim journalists waiting to stick the knife in. Its like the fuckers need anger therapy.


I have never seen anything like it tbh. But twitter and facebook etc are full of nasty, insidious, brainless and anonymous gobshites. But it is being led and fed by a multitude of ex-players and bitter pundits who have absolutely zero objectivity - or credibility either. I read very little of it - most of it is puerile, twisted and quite sad. It matters not to the players but to see the likes of Liston sniping says more about him than anything else.

The most annoying thing about all this is that you never ever see any kind of decent article asking why these lads are so good. Why they have only lost two competitions in 5+ years. Some article appreciating or at least acknowledging that they put in the hard yards, and that they are excellent and skilful players.

If either Brian wore green and gold they would be eulogised. But this suits Jim and the lads down to the ground. I’d imagine they laugh at it - but feed off it too. They must find the whole thing amusing. Gobshites who won nothing and underachieved and continue to underachieve in their new ‘careers’ calling them intro question. I have no doubt that while some bristle with indignation, Jim, the players and the DCB look at them as they would dirt on their boots.

But the annoying thing is this. Here you have one team trying to play the game in as positive a manner as possible. Who carry themselves well on and off the field. Who work hard and seek no plaudits. A team that should be held up as an example of all that is good in the GAA. Instead the complete opposite happens because of good old fashioned Irish begrudgery, narrow-mindedness, jealousy and spite. An anti Dublin bile that simply cannot accept that we are witnessing the greatest team to ever play the game.

Who will think of the kids?


More theories , howd we all missed this :joy:


I started following Rob Hennelly on twitter few years back, he was doing Mental Health workshops in schools etc.
The level of pure hatred and abuse he was getting on social media after his brain fart against us was absolutely horrendous. I clicked into some of the accounts giving the abuse and couldn’t believe the amount coming from Mayo people. There’s some serious amount of ■■■■ heads out there.
However, it doesn’t surprise me that the likes of FB, Twitter etc don’t take action against these people after watching part of the Documentary last night about Facebook.


The desperado theory-hunting goes on, there will be some craic if they lose to Monaghan, about how the great new dawn went up like a puff of smoke:

"One item worth watching again is how the body language of the team appeared when Conroy was being treated on the field. The team came together for a discussion in the middle of the field. From what I could see, the main talker was Peter Crowley with contributions from Paul Geaney and James O’Donoghue. Others may have spoken as the camera was not on the Kerry group all the time.

The Galway group had the Maor Foirne in early and spoke a bit. Kerry’s Maor Foirne was very late to join (possibly taking “instruction” from management) and did not appear to address the group for very long before departing to the sideline.

Was the brevity of the message due to it being so simple? Or something for all the team, and no individual consultations?

It’s in that type of situation you find the leaders standing up that Darragh is referring. There is absolutely no fault on captain Shane Murphy here - after all it was his very first championship game in Croke Park - but the granting of the captaincy to a rookie is insane. If Fionn didn’t make the panel, then management should have been free to elect one of the senior players to lead on the pitch. If Fionn was on the panel, he should have been out there.

Just another box that was not checked - how to behave during an extended stoppage.

At least they got the mini-sprint correct and they broke beautifully from it like a blooming flower - wasn’t that lovely to see?

Management is much more than even 10 years ago…executive training is needed, along with public speaking, ambassador preparation for public roles (including fund raising), and becoming an on-field motivator (include management and players here).

Leaders can be created.

'Nuff ced…"


thats right up there with the lad on hogan stand who was DEMANDING to know why the national anthem wasn’t played before the Kildare match on sunday but it was for the Kerry one.


Now that’s a new one ! Sure weren’t mayo giving out about a fly over for one of the AI finals giving us an advantage :joy:


yes, because it was “Jim Gavin’s air corp”!!!

what these posts show is that these posters literally do not attend games, they are the ultimate fair weather supporters and they spew their bar-stool level observations online where there are no editors to check what they say before it gets published.


Yes , we control that too , the DCB is the all seeing eye :joy:


I think it was said elsewhere here but god be the days when you got your information from a reputable newspaper back in the day . How times have changed . The way social media has morphed over the last 10 years is astounding .
Id say youd have a completely different outlook on things if you have no internet these days .


lets face it it it wasn’t for

jims air corp
imelda may
the finals being in croke park
ball boys giving the ball back to cluxton quickly
the referees (all of them)
playing “lets dance” when dublin come out for the second half
Keegans shot going short
the rain
the sun
dublin supporters booing
dublin players sleeping in their own beds
dublin players going to croke park in a bus

mayo and kerry would have won those all irelands


No accountability for their own performances so lets just blame the opposition for all our woes.


You forgot the iPads.


Don’t forget the steps.


and all the meals delivered to players. None of the players work either :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


This Kerry journalist thinks Dublin refereed differently and list our advantages. Maybe he too young to remember 96-2010 :joy::joy:


Must be a slow news day , that was done to death .


Maybe he just needs a hug…