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As if amateur players could be arsed risking their health. idiotic and libellous i would have thought.


Didn’t Bernard get tested right after we won one of the AI finals ? I was wondering why this hasn’t been brought up before by people . It’s straight out of the Brazilians hand book . I’d say that’s where the idea originated from reading his stuff .


Sure does he not know we’re all on heroin up here!

Makes it even more embarrassing that they can’t beat a team of junkies!


the only time there was a problem was after the 2016 league final where JG wanted the players to be able to go back up and enjoy the thing that was on to celebriate the 1916 centenary. perhaps thats where that prick got his “they missed a test once or twice” innuendo from.

i assume that some dublin posters there have flagged it to the mods, but then again on the previous page of that topic there is an allegation of paedophilia against a club chairmanwhich is still up.

of course, it was the cyclist twat who ignited this with an “himmm… interesting…” tweet.


If it was about another county it would disappear quite quickly . There’s no moderation when it comes to matters involving Dublin. The mods know who butters their bread , the more threads about Dublin , the more page views .


who are the mods there anyway?

BTW i read the kimmage article about o’dwyers (which is what the thread is about) and it rings very true.

The mother of a young footballer and his coach are arguing on the sideline. It’s no big deal. There’s nothing to see here. It’s how the coach likes to do business. “If there are issues let me know and we won’t have a problem,” he had said. There are some issues. She lets him know. He doesn’t take it very well. And now there’s a problem.

the man is a twat, but this sort of writing is what annoys me about him - he is a very good sports writer. if he could stick to articles like that then fine.


No idea tbh but they seem to let alot of things fly in regards to Dublin .


Associating us with Farah and Wiggins of all people! Both have huge question marks over them.
Not a whiff of evidence that I’m aware of against the Dubs.


Can the website be reported? It full of bitter kildare and mayo posters and can say what they like.


I saw one mod post in relation to Connolly .
Id say they realized they bordering on defamation of character . Id say there’s little else can be done about the rest of it tbh .


To who? The thought police?

Some people here need to calm down a little.


There was some ropey stuff been posted there about Diarmuid .You have to draw a line somewhere . At least here it was mostly restricted to The Lounge .


There is 2 vile threads on Diarmuid Connolly. One with 60 pages and very little talk of his football ability. There is very little moderation on page.


you would report it to the moderators and site admins.

after that it is too minor a matter to take any more time on.


Some posters on this website are not guiltless in that regard.

Unfortunately this is the modern world. Their oxygen is publicity. Far better off ignoring them.


Alan, would you think at sny point you are ever likely to make a stand in support of Dublin? You take a strong stand on lots of things but just rarely if ever in support of your own county.

Think it’s scurrilous and disgraceful that someone can post allegation of drug use by the Dublin team in a public forum. Mad that some here then take a ‘ah sure that’s social media for you’ attitude to it. And no this site doesn’t allow that sort of stuff happen!


There was some equally vile shite posted on here a couple of months ago.

What do you suggest we do?

I made a stand on roughly the same issue on here. Didn’t stop a few people going way over the top.


I think in comparison to other sites notwithstanding the odd incident here and there this site is far more controlled, reasoned and decent than sites elsewhere. It’s self moderating for the most part also which is a million miles removed from the other sites referenced.


The insinuation that Dublin players are taking drugs is a new low.

Imagine someone posting something about the Galway hurlers and throwing in a gratuitous reference to Armstrong or Gatlin?

Elite GAA players are all tested regularly and randomly. You would want to be stone mad to take the chance and there are certainly no managements at that level who would encourage it.

Only positive test I know of was of a peripheral Monaghan player who seemed to have taken steroids in desperate effort to boost his chances of a place. there was no implication whatsoever that the team management was involved, and it was highly embarrassing for them.

While the stuff referenced here is just another manifestation of the hatred of Dublin, the likes of Kimmage have been trying for years to pin drugs on “the gah.” I remember reading a report on Clare hurlers having changed a training session and were not where they were originally supposed to be when the testers arrived. Insinuation was that they were all getting hopped up on goofballs! Whereas in fact the session was moved because of unavailability of usual spot due to the mad flooding at the time.

Unfortunately the anonymity of the interweb allows people throw all sort of baseless allegations around.


This article is two years old according to the link, so I don’t understand what the issue is. As was said above, all players do get tested regularly from both internal and external testers.
Any player brought into Inter Senior squad has to report to a designated hospital for the first 3 months, and is tested for everything. I know most of its to do with dietary etc. but they are tested.
I’d a few lads involved with u.16 panel few years back, and they got handed a list of what medicines etc they could take when sick.