Internet & GAA Trolls


From the Business Post today

They aren’t even trying to hide it anymore…




That mcgickface article?


I took from the illustration that the super 8s were all about making money.




He is relentless I’ll give him that. Basically every media outlet is buying into this narrative.


Don’t have a copy if the article to pm to me?


He posted a tweet earlier reminding us of a time when " the gaa was better" .
Must have been torture for him the last 7 years bar '12 & '14


Its from a tweet , no link to article & text is too small to read .
Id say purposely so you have to go behind a paywall or buy the BP


Could we get dub in tipp to send in a response?


Just so we are clear

Always enjoyable when you let your guard down for a brief second due to overwhelming emotion.


He doesn’t care - he is in Jerry Springer territory. He is now the voice of ‘move Dublin out of croker’. He got lucky this week and he fully capitalized on it. The guy is fooking nuts, his county biggest win in decades and he brings it back to us three replies in…


Send that to OTB and Matt Spoofer the next time bollox chops is on their show. Just to give his crap “context” and clarify his honest broker status


They dont care a man that liked a post about JC getting his face slashed this is small change he suits their narrative


Small mercies


Hold on one second WTF is suckling on Dublin’s teeth. Is this sham really a journalist.

And what the ■■■■ is he doing to that dog ???


No qualifications required to call yourself a journalist.
Don’t know why he writes about sport, he seems to hate everything about it. Never see him writing anything positive about anything or anyone, just serial negativity. Must be one miserable existence out there in the favelas


Can some one do the maths for me here


Sucking on his teeth?


Perhaps he meant teat? Those big words are tough for journalists…