Internet & GAA Trolls


Is there anything that bitter prick doesn’t have a go at (Apart from whoever is playing us of course )


It was the journalist writing the piece who had the cut at him. Unusual for that to happen, perhaps mckeanna s standing among his peers is not what he thinks it is. Twitter doesn’t enhance reputations when you are on it provoking people I suppose.


He is on twitter abusing people half the time. Not very professional.


Culture has changed . Stuff like this wouldn’t have been acceptable years ago . It’s gas but it gives these clowns an outlet in that they know they wouldn’t get away with it in the print media .
I wonder what the libel laws are in regards to Twitter.


Libel is libel no matter where you do it, main problem is if pug boy libeled you in irish indo you can sue the writer and publisher. On twitter it’s just pug boy and I’d safely say he has not a pot to piss in. Twitter don’t editorialise or moderate posts.


Well they can ban aacounts if they are reported .
Or posts can be flagged & reported .


The Pug Fiddler gives Jim Gavin a makey-uppy award in the Indo.

Don’t read if easily outraged :wink:



post edited because I don’t want to give the pug lover the satisfaction.


We’re Irish.
We invented the Boycott.
Just ignore him, he craves the attention.


This is true


I’ll be singing this all day now, thanks for that!


Dude no one deserves that.


Haha read it , he has some hard on for the egg chasers as well