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An asterix beside all their work. Pair of pricks


Vinnie isn’t happy!!

Adult Football League 3 (AFL3) 2018

Some dig by Vinnie at Peregrines chairman.

Some reply from what looks to be a player/clubman.


Murphy tweeting that to Wooly as well :roll_eyes:


Offaly must be disappointed they didn’t get him


Offaly be disappointed they didn’t get him now :joy:


Vinny did a great job at Monica’s, in my opinion. Maybe stayed on a year or two too long but I reckon Monica’s would be far worse off now if he hadn’t been involve.


Not the way to do your business and all a bit childish. Not doing himself any favours here.


Agree, yes. Won’t do his chances of getting another gig any good.


What app doing The rounds of what he supposedly posted on team group chat. Absolutely mad stuff ted.


I see a whatapp message is doing the rounds in relation to this.


The man comes across as a clown…but before someone turns on me, we all have our clowns…see David Brady


Seen it too, doesn’t hold back. Is he right or wrong about those players?


Don’t know though Vinny comes across as a headbanger


Yeah but he’s always been like that, sounds like there are serious gripes there.


What he said is the furthest thing from the truth


I’m sure its all Vinnie’s fault alright!. Managers can only do so much.


there is truth on both sides you would have to think but he let himself down by doing it in such a public fashion. Every club relies on fellas pulling in the same direction and if he wasn’t getting it 100% for whatever reason then he could never win.
That said players also need to have a look at themselves and realise that a manager is only there to assist them make the most of themselves for maybe a season or two in a lot of cases. if they are not putting it in 100% they will soon realise their playing days don’t last forever also and chances of championship wins / promotions etc wont be there always . Sometimes you just need to be the bigger person and try work with someone you may not fully agree with or respect to try achieve something greater for the club



Happy Christmas.

Won’t be long till the troll-pug is back!


There s a dig at him in today’s Irish times over his tweets about the rower Sanita Puspure and the inference of using Peds.