Internet & GAA Trolls


Ssshhh. Don’t be pedantic. Potato/pota-toe.



Brilliant! “Not these fuckers again” :rofl:


Something good from the internet for a change. I see Kev Mc tweeting thanks for the performance of this poem at a recent celebration.

Top class I have to say



I wonder what ten million pound is in euro! :wink:


Got around to listening to Bassy on Woolys pod .
Very jovial putting questions to him about the finance issue . Nothing too incendiary & Wooly was laughing off a few of the points .
Fast forward a few days & he has Jarlath Burns on to discuss the money again. Burns was on defending the issue & Wooly completely went to town on him .
Hes some piece of work to be honest .He wouldn’t dare approach in the same way with Bastick.Why he went on to it in the first place is even stranger .
Going forward , no dub should be on that podcast .


Bastick has no pull. Burns used to sit on some GAA committees so might have some influence?


Said as much himself he doesn’t know the ins & out of the finance side . But Burns put up a credible case , as usual was shot down with Wooly cutting him off at every opportunity.


Wooly & Brolly back at it
A response here to the question of Dublin dominance


All points put to Ewan before. All ignored. Maybe if brolly who has no connection to DCB and has the media profile can run the counter argument in his press columns frequently it’ll gain traction.

Joanne Cantrell mentioned “registered players” today ffs.


Stop wasting thought time with that buffoon lads

Enjoy the moment of champions


Just killing time till strictly comes back at 6.30


Waiting for ,dying for the moment when someone debating with that scumbag calls him.out live on air about his JC tweet he liked


Good luck with that. He’s been on Off The Ball, Matt Cooper & other shows numerous times since it happened. He has yet to be called out on it. Am not holding my breath he ever will be. Journos tend to circle the wagons when one of their own gets criticized.

Edit: I’ve just remembered, he was on Off The Boil shortly after it happened. He was already booked to talk about something else, Lance Armstrong maybe. The Twitter/Jonny Cooper story broke shortly before he went on air. They let him make some sort of bullshit statement that it was all an innocent mistake on his part. Then he went on a rant about social media, the stupidity of Dublin supporters, media witch-hunts etc etc as if he was the victim of some terrible conspiracy. Then it was all over, move along now, nothing to see here.

Pathetic really, that no one has called him out on it since, especially in the context of most recent rants.