Internet & GAA Trolls


Should be never forgotten that he liked a tweet mocking Johnny Cooper being stabbed


Yeah, disturbing behaviour, that. Seriously.


Is that our problem ?
No , but its the reality . And what exactly are the details of Kerry’s sponsorship from Kerry Group .
You never hear a word about it.Problem is every bit of our sponsorship is plastered all over the media , but ya hear very little about other counties .

If its not feasible for proposals for grants to be passed , they’ll cut them . But obviously they are above board . Every county has the opportunity to present their case . We obviously have better personal putting forward our case .


What do you expect from a pug but a grunt…


We said to brace ourselves if we won last Sunday. The hate was always going to go up a notch or ten. The internet will break next year when we do the 5.


I’m bracing myself for the take Dublin out of Ireland campaign.


…and a flagon of whine.


Ah come on, the bright side is that somehow people are taking seriously a clown who’s latest crackpot idea is to take us out of the championship altogether and have us play only railway cup matches.



Here’s an alternative headline from that interview

Goggins: You can’t say that money is going to guarantee you minor All Irelands


Fixed that for you and Exiled King and Ballyashesinthegrate there


Money should be invested where they can improve participation. eg: There’s no point in sending a GPO to ballyhale national school for example, or into Kierans.

I don’t think anyone would argue against that. but it needs to be spent fairly, per capita as well, you can’t fund Dublin and Cork with 90 and 200 clubs respectively on the same budget as a county with 25 clubs.

Also counties that insist on spending a fortune on white elephant stadia or hiring celebrity managers and paying them a small fortune under the table should have to show exactly what they’re doing with the investment. It should also come with the caveat that it is spent on both codes, not just one. Kilkenny’s attitude to football is a disgrace and the failure of some counties to develop anything resembling a hurling culture is pretty pathetic.


You should have figured that out many years ago, buddy!!! :wink:


The kildare forum even told him to ■■■■ off ,when that hsppens you know what a lowlife he is



What happened there? What i find hilarious is he seems to be obsessed with Trump and regularly uses phrases such as “Trumpesque” to try and belittle somebodies point. He doesn’t seem to realise that he displays all of Trumps characteristics: Delusion, Paranoia, Blames others for his own woes, calls his own debunked and falsified figures “facts”. He’s bleedin gas. Even seems to be losing the support of anti-Dubs. Seen one lad from Mayo telling him to cop on and that even non Dubs are now cringing at him. Ewan responded by calling him an Idiot :joy:


I’m expecting his announcement to run for the presidency on this issue any moment now


Of what country…here or Brazil?


Since when was Pinochet from Brazil ? :thinking:


Is Dee Bomber has retweeted the sour flour bags last ranting. That’s his last hope that we’re split in 2, 4 or 6, anything to stop the 5​:joy::joy::joy::joy: