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I’ll have to take your word for that. Once I saw his name & the headline I wasn’t clicking on it. He’s come out with enough rubbish about Dublin to lack any credibility re anything to do with football and Dublin gaa.


I understand, as I said I’m no fan of his. I only read the article because I thought it was an outrageous statement and I wanted to see what justification there could be for making it. But the headline was at odds with the tone of the article, which was actually pretty complimentary.


’ The game of football is dying and it will be in the ground if Dublin aren’t tackled’ according to Pugman…


That bitter twisted arsehole tweeted about Dublin people always riding when talking about the population. For fcuks sake will ye stop discussing the low life here. He is beneath comment. Do you think John C would give the bo**ox the time of day? NO!


The O Brien paper are running with the piece too. They can fcuk right off, I’ll never buy their rags again
Time to boycott these pricks for once and for all


Agree. How that fucking shitebag ever got a platform to write the shite he writes is beyond me.


As I’ve said before to many of bitters fans and to the man himself - if his arguments are so correct then where are the Congress motions, the complaints from county boards, from county secretaries. You either get no reply or a tin foil hat one.

His entire argument stems from a flawed statistic of registered players. It has been debunked time.and again and yet he trots out his argument becuase in the world we are in his increasingly invective strewen derogatory statements appeal to the sorts who don’t like us and find his journalism as a handy hook to justify that dislike.

When was the last time he - a sports journalist - actually analysed a match or a team or things like tactics? He’s become a sports version of Melanie Phillips or other such reactive recidivist small minded polemics.

He’s a seasonal pest at most now, his attacks on other teams, sports personalities and sports in general has opened a few eyes.


This time last year The Last Word said they would do a piece on his numbers as they are contested but they never followed through as far as I am aware.

And you’re right, he appeals to a certain type. A flick through a discussion of his tweets etc show where he’s coming from.


You don’t have your dismantling of his figures handy do you?


Set up a blog page to debunk all this shite


I see Wooly retweeting his crap. Ewan played down with James Gaels around 2011 and never once opened mouth about Dublin and money at the time. He actually posted the below on Kildare forum around the time after joining Gaels.

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PostSubject: Joining Dublin Club Fri Jan 07, 2011 8:53 am
Posted this on Dublin website. Basically haven’t played in about five years, living in city centre on south side and just looking to join a club for a bit of craic and to get fit, preferably with country feel to it as don’t fancy walking into a dressing room with 40 locals who’ve known each other since they were robbing houses together at 7. Have had St James’s Gaels and St Brendan’s recommended. Anyone with any knowledge of either of these or any other nearby clubs that might fit the bill up here?


Posted that after initially posting a polite query on here about a suitable club. Shows the mark of the man.


He’s been caught making some very ill advised tweets in the not too distant past.


Should we not be enjoying the fact this is absolute torture for the lad . When he wakes up in the morning , He’s thinking about dublin.Most of his day he’s writing about us .Guarantee his last thoughts before bed time about us .
He’s been going on for a few years and what has he actually achieved . They done us a favour getting us out of Croker . If the funding from HQ dried up , we’d just make it up from other sources of sponsorship anyway . I think its hilarious because his crusade is futile .

#361 now have an hour long podcast up called “All the Dubs Begrudgers”.

Says it all really. Sad.


I thought you were joking :scream:



I’ll have a listen later on to overcome porter induced insomnia.


Part of his main argument seems to be that Dublin are over financed relative to other counties…he argues that Dublin have access to 3rd party funds we’ll beyond any other county for their senior team.
if you believe DCB could easily make up any upcoming reduction from central GAA funds via their own sponsorship etc, you’re making his point for him.


Most counties set ups are shocking. You couldn’t throw money at them because there are no structures and god knows where the money would end up. Only Limerick asked John Costello what Dublin were doing - a few years ago. Who won the hurling? … and with a very young team.

I am familiar with juvenile football in Meath. It is a disaster. Fair play on their recent underage success - it is despite their set up - not because of it.


Wouldn’t give the guy the ‘hit’ of clicking on any of his articles. He’s due up on Dunphy’s podcast this week too. That drum must be worn out at this stage.

The pathetic bit is his insulting/spiky ripostes to those who bite but don’t agree with him on Twitter. Being a journalist & having a major, major problem with us doesn’t entitle him to act like a pr!ck. And, going by his interaction levels with the platform this week, our success is driving him absolutely around the bend & back again. Just when I thought I couldn’t be happier on the back of Sunday!

What’s that they say about empty vessels…?