Internet & GAA Trolls


Jesus. You can’t even say a bad word about the hurling mob here, never mind fecking Kilkenny. Taking your life in your hands there bai. :rofl:


Wouldn’t be the first time :wink:


What did Duignan say?


hate people who think they can judge someone for not acting just like everyone else. If we were all the same the world would be very boring.



Never struck me as too bright tbh. Unlimited ffs. Hyperbole much.


Just another whinging pox


I used to think it’d be great to be able to read people’s minds. Twitter has put pay to that.


We love to promote them here …


Ahh stop, stop, I can’t take anymore, I’m hung over so bad I think I’m actually dead, my throat is killing me, my intestines in turmoil, and you ya ballcocks gee bag, ya start me laughing so loud I’m going to end up in a+bleedin e!!!


Duignan is an utter clown, the Hecthor and Pure Mule of The Sacred Game, and worst of all his frat hold him up as some kind of icon of the spirit of the GAA, crying over Offaly having a handy win over a very experimental Dublin team in a winter league game. He’s a gobshite, he’s like that bollix Darragh OSe only he lacks the same hooring Yerra abilities.


Nobody licks arse like Dick :smirk:


Is this not exactly what some here have been craving for a while? No mention of resources or any other shite, just praise.


Ah tis alright in fairness. He got some right bitter replies for it though.


The hurling is over until next summer. Duignan wants to keep his name in the media.


Woah. Who peed in Al’s cornflakes! :joy:


Dick by name and dick by nature!

His article yday about the final was based around headline of the ‘snore to four’.

Wouldn’t pay any attention to what this Mayo cheering, has been has to say!


It’s good.

There is the extreme opposite, though. Roy Curtis in the herald and some woman who I don’t know both posted such utter bollocks that it was embarrassing. Curtis I suppose has always been flowery and trainmof thought but the other piece (it was a small column at the bottom of one of the pages) was virtually a Dublin version of the rubbish you find buried in Willie joes comments section. Ungracious mean spirited and spiteful.

Otherwise a good effort by de Herilld yesterday.


Probably me, I can’t remember anything from last night. And I’ll have to go to the GP about this troublesome blindness


He can’t be blamed for that, editors/sub-editors come up with the headlines, not the journalist. I read the article (free copy where I ate lunch) and he didn’t say anything about the game being boring or snore inducing. I’m hardly a fan of his, but he is completely innocent in this case.