Internet & GAA Trolls


Trying to avoid negativity today while basking in a win a I get sent a great reply to spewans twitter rant

Seriously don’t think that chap is well.


He loosing the plot. His world us crashing and burning. Don’t worry his teabag times buddy is on hand to tickle his belly.


Tyrone also stayed out on the pitch at halftime against Monaghan in the semi final. Maybe he was getting bent over at the time and missed that.


They were told to stay out on the field so the sides wouldn’t clash? What does that even mean? Does he mean to stop fights happening in the tunnel? Honest to God. The man is not well.


Tyrone have done this in several games including the semi final, but sure why bother fact checking.


If Tyrone were told that Harte would have had them charging down the tunnel.


And blamed it on Sky Sports!




One of his tweets showed up in my timeline.
The lad is in absolute agony over this .The hatred is pumping through his veins . I wonder would we be like this if it was Kildare or Meath doing 4 in a row . All joking aside , it can’t be well for his health or well being to be eaten up inside about it this much . And if he thinks writing this stuff about Dublin will change anything , He’s in dreamland , otherwise known as Brazil.


Pissing & moaning is all some people do. Tiresome and no way to spend your life.


That’s embarrassing. For a guy claiming to have only the best interests of the GAA at heart you would expect he would be aware of - or if not would make himself aware - of these protocols if he were a serious journalist.


Same old nonsense out of these journalistic hacks year on year. Cabbage complaining again about being delayed at press conference. Absolute muppets who can’t see the woods from the trees…


Mcbitter on dunphy’s podcast this week lots of belly tickling. A right pair of shitebag.


Could yiz not all avoid those geebags for the day that’s in it?


The online ban for the players is officially lifted seeing as the championship is over .Jamsey replieing to Duignan on twitter . Do the hurling folk ever give over , such an obnoxious shower .


We could but I’m enjoying meself seeing the fucker miserable and loosing all sense of normality!


Deano too.

G’wan da 'Mun !

Eddie Brennan having a go at Jim Gavin for not being more emotional & happy in his press conferences.

Because the last time we all saw Brian Cody turning cartwheels in a press conference would be when exactly? :thinking:


A bigger hypocrite you couldn’t meet .


I was surprised to be honest. EB’s not the worst of the Hurling Illuminati.


Gas thing is , if you even utter a bad word about hurling the wagons would be circling . They should ■■■■ off & stick to what they know .