Internet & GAA Trolls


What, they can’t get enough of super-women?


MDMA seems off now too


That would make a great tee shirt!


To America?


I see some goon with a shite beard has a great article up on RTE about the impending death of Gaelic Football. Picture of us in the backgroud and a line about us being chief protagonists of the latest nail in its coffin. Surname Stafford, is he a Meath man?


Anyone using the word banter should be excommunicated forthwith.


YEA, everyone knows it’scalled bants nowadays


Suffering Jaysus. Big bad dubs.


Another GAA pseudo intellectual hipster clown. And that’s being kind. The content is so poor. Goes on a Kerry love-in in the first paragraph.


The disease is spreading. Awful meandering garbage.


They are multiplying.


Its spelt 'bantz ’ get with the program.


They certainly are. Must all be lining up for a job with Sky? Or whatever comes down the tracks. Can’t be much money in the industry, it’s entirely saturated with these muppets.


Paid to talk, unfortunately it’s quantity over quality.


They’re all after us, even that cartoon footballer on the AIB ad looks like Connolly/Lowndes.


I thought it was Brogan :grin:


Dunno where to put this but seeing as I came across it on Twitter…

Is this a first or has it been done before?


It’s been done before. Club in Donegal doing it at the moment I think.


Also a club in wicklow have done it and also in Louth that I know of.


Cheers lads. Thought it was a new angle. Obviously not!