Internet & GAA Trolls


Just ignore it. Every successful team in every sport has to put up with it until the next successful team comes along; it’s called envy.


Haha. If only.

As I said a few days ago social media is a sewer. And that’s what’s driving most of it. So to that end I don’t care really, as I avoid it at all costs. I don’t work with many culchies either so it’s win win for me, unless we lose !


Personally I do ignore it. I admit it got to me in the past but maybe I’ve matured by avoiding it all. One glance at the likes of the42 balls etc though and you can see the hatred is rising. It will be outrageous if we seal the 4 in a row and whatever else down the line. We’re killing Gaelic football apparently :joy:

One thing I will say though BD. Is that (as has been pointed out here by many) the likes of KK in the hurling, the All Blacks, United under Fergie etc, didn’t seem to get a fraction of the hatred we get. Maybe it’s a different era, the digital age etc.


Thierry Henry was once asked how he felt about the continuous abuse and vitriol from a certain oppositions fans. To which he replied “You know your good when they hate you that much. When the booing desists you’re probably passed your best”


No different to what’s on hill 16 army and the like. Plenty of clowns on social media


I don’t go near any of them Mayoman.


Colm orourke basically said the same about the meath dressing room you had made it when the hill was calling out your name or boing you.

As for the doping thing jaysus what do you say to stupidity like that. I do recall slagging Kerry lads over the doping thing, when they said the dubs were also doping I just winked and said he muckers were taking the wrong stuff. I told him that the dublin team took viargra before matches, that’s what kept the backs all antsy and marking tight :joy:.

Seriously of all groups and management who are on the look out for long term player welfare they are such an educated group they wouldn’t damage there long term health taking anything. Some of the internet is a swere for posting shite and half baked ideas.


No too long ago we were getting sympathy support. Even from some Cork & Kerry people. I know which i prefer.


Not so sure. Back in the day (when Ian Dempsey was on 2fm) Des Cahill was very anti United. Used to call himself an ABU (anybody but united) and would play “What a wonderful day” (from the racist Disney film that they would rather we all forgot about) on the sports bulletin any time United lost.


Not saying there wasn’t criticism, but I don’t think the comparison is appropriate. The animosity towards us is unrivalled imo.


When statements are been made that football is dying because of our dominance you know the jig is up in regards to how people feel about Dublin . i have never heard anything like that when Kerry were beating all before them. The issue is people think this is going to go on forever . I felt that about Kerry in the noughties & look how that ended up .At this stage , we have won the same amount of AIs Kerry have in the noughties . Kerry were in 6 consecutive finals . Had they maybe not lost 1 of them or either the complection of the game might have been alot different then .But , you can be pretty sure they would have been lauded for achieving that . It would have eclipsed the team of the 70/80s .
People would be going on about the legendary feat & how brilliant & historic it is .
Yet , when we won our 3 in a row , the after match talk was about splitting us in two .
It was disgraceful & highly disrespectful of what we had just done . And it most certainly wouldn’t have been talked about had Kerry or Mayo had achieved the same this decade .
So ■■■■ the lot of them . The more they are pissed off , the more we should revel in it.


If you look again at Kerry’s great runs in the 70s-80s, they had the five finals in a row, winning 4, then another run of 3-in-a-row wins after a one year gap, so overall 7 out of 9 years winners, and one other final appearance. (Throw in the 75 win and the 76 final and it becomes 8 wins and 10 finals in 12 years.)

Dublin in this era so far have had 6 finals, 5 wins so far. This surpasses Kerry in the 00s by having won 3-in-a-row only. The only real comparisons to the greatest Kerry era can begin if we win this upcoming final, so that we equal their 4-in-a-row, and stand on a record of 6 wins in 8 years. Beyond that we cannot afford to gaze. Winning this final is essential in terms of any sort of proper argument about comparisons of all hues, including positive and negative.


With the new formats there really is no comparison with the 70s/80s in terms of games played. Kerry won many All Ireland’s with 4 games (3 once). Dublin have 7/7 coming into this Final. Most other years it took 6/7 games - depending on replays.


No he flat out says PEDs elsewhere. I posted about this a dew weeks ago, admins there know about it. Ireland’s biggest and longest running gaa boards, don’t you know.

I think he is on twitter saying the same thing, has 14 followers, sadly too many dubs taking the bait.

No point getting wound up by some random internet loser.


I see one particularly nasty Dublin “fan” got the boot from (another) Dublin fans Facebook page over the weekend. His face rang a bell, then remembered I’d banned him from two groups I admin as well for other nasty stuff.

What got me were the number of people - mostly women - giving out for him being banned or objected to saying it was all “Dublin banter”. I’d have fucked them all out too.


Women can be the worst even at games and I’ve seen Mayo women at it too…roaring and shouting abuse and no clue about football…


I complained to the moderator about those comments also. Got no response not any action taken. It’s a disgraceful comment to allow.

Before our current success would have posted there. It had reasonably good mix of posters despite the odd gobshite but in recent years has become a cesspit of anti Dublin tripe. Board is dominated by a bunch of one eyed bitter fkrs from Mayo, Kildare and mist bizarrely Roscommon. Nasty bunch of jealous, lying toe. rags! Nowadays only post once s year - just after we win Sam!! :grinning:


It has been said on there that the admins create accounts to stir stuff up. That could be one of them. You don’t even know who the admins are, which is totally wrong.


I heard several of the tyrone camp are heroin addicts.


The Roscommon poster is a simpleton. Don’t know if he is serious or just taken the piss.