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Fixed :grin:


In fairness Kilkenny always get a decent crowd and they have small population. Been in Nowlan Park a good few times and place be mostly full, and let’s face it they hardly view Dublin as a threat most times!

I think it’s true about the expectation thing. Dublin supporters had huge desire to see them winning something before 2011. Mad crowds for league games and Parnell and away venues full for O’Byrne Cup.

I know a fair few people who would have travelled to Tory Island to see them at one time who are not that bothered if they miss games now once they can see them on TV. The comfort of your own sitting room has its attractions as you “mature.”!


Padraig joyce and dick durkan on OTB panel soon


Oh Jaysus I laughed so hard at that… brilliant!


:joy: Brilliant


There now implying are doping on that page. Can say what they like.
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dublin would win some, the rest of ireland would win some…player for player on their day each dublin player would be near enough as good as anyone in their position. Is there any dublin player who wouldnt make the starting 15 of any other team at the moment?

I imagine this thread will quickly turn into naming the rest of ireland teams and argueing over who should and shouldnt be on it
A rest of Ireland team would be comfortably stronger on paper than Dublin.

How many Dublin players are the best in their position in Ireland?

I’d say five.


None of the current Dublin forwards would make a best in Ireland team.

Perhaps not but they certainly have the best doctor/ prescribing pharmacist which gives them that performance edge.




And nary a word about the not one, but TWO Kerry players that have failed drug tests. :roll_eyes:


Their whiny tears are like nectar.


Someone has taken financial doping up wrong?


Saw that all right . Some spacers out there , the theories never end .


Just hope they don’t discover our Inter County Footballer Cloning Factory…


The whining out of the mayo support on that site is never ending .Its a broken record at this stage .At least @mayoman has the grace to move on with it here . Its eating them up over there as the years pass .


that from the Bunker is a clown. It killing dublin are doing well. Post this on Tyrone/Monaghan thread

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I doubt many Monaghan Fans lost the run of themselves in regards an AI title. Most just wanted the magic of seeing their county in an AI Final. Monaghan will dust themselves down and go again. Players will retire, be dropped. But there won’t be a conveyour belt of replacements. Why, because Monaghan is a very small county! And punching well above its weight. Dublin continue to be ‘‘The Problem’’. Their dominance, helped by almost every advantageous factor continues to grow the gap between them and the chasing bunch.

Ah the Tyrone lads can at least enjoy ‘‘Up for the Match’’. They’ll drag in Charlie for to talk about that Red Card he did not walk off the field for. And Brush Shields will talk about how great the Hill was in the seventies! You will also have the concerted media ambush the week before the game! Former Dublin players will be out in force to blacken a decent Player threat from Tyrone. The Northern Brand of football will be vilified!


Who are these people though?

I’ve met plenty of Mayo people over the last few years & as dissapointed & annoyed as they were losing to Dublin I never heard crap like that.

Are those sites populated by genuine GAA people?


Its pitiful really . I don’t know about anyone else here but when we lose , i just get on with it .Beaten by the better team on the day . I’ve never watched a game back that we’ve lost . I forget about it once its over .But these shower rewatch the games & forensically comb over each & every incident to search for a moment were they were supposedly screwed over because they will not accept they were beaten by the better team on the day. Always an excuse for everything .
Its absolute torture for them , why would ya do .


The click bait generation who believe anything they read on the internet ., the more controversial , the better .


If it makes them sleep better at night… ■■■■ them.


If we win the final in 3 weeks time, be prepared for a sharp escalation in vitriol. It will be off the charts.


did you say vitriol instead of praise by accident?