Internet & GAA Trolls


People will be what is expected of them in any given environment. These are fan forums, hardly to be taken so personally. Don’t be taken ill PD.


It’s Kerry Al. Kerry. Never forget that. If your inner core isn’t permanently consumed by festering rage & hatred, then you’re just not trying hard enough. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It still doesn’t explain why ballygofuckwhatshisnameagainbutnodoubhtayerrabulshitter talks complete bollocks half the time! But look we are all God’s children!


That’s like that place name in Wales.


What? Cardiff?



That’s the spirit. Unlike PD we have put our unhealthy festering rage behind us, even TL has forgiven me for assuming Monaghan had it won last week.
We may still lose this year but it’s a great feeling for even a week not to have to consider the prospect of losing our great run to either Mayo or Kerry for once. #enjoyitwhileitlasts


As Oscar Wilde said about the death of Little Nell in Dicken’s Old Curiosity Shop, you would need a heart of stone not to laugh. Up the Kingdom :grinning:




Harsh Beeks, harsh


Don’t talk to me like that, ya pup!


Ah fcuk ya. I’m halfway through it and now you’ve spoiled it.


The book or the match :grinning:


On the subject of trolling I know there is some awful gobshites putting nasty stuff on social media, but the stuff Eamon Fitz got from his own really is a bit OTT. I know Pauidi described them as animals and you can see where he was coming from. Eamon calls some of the Kerrycrowd followers and not supporters …

Don’t know whats weirder that a grown adult has these mad thoughts or that in 2018 people in Kerry still write letters :open_mouth:


Perhaps an older generation,


I was thinking that too. Surely no one under 35 is writing letters.

But there is loads of it about it seems. More then I thought there was. Here is another example .

But from my experience at games, it isn’t the youngsters and the social media thing that is driving this. It is oul’ lads (and women) losing the run of themselves because they can’t handle losing or things not going their way. I was at some shocking games this year. I didn’t go to a county game for a month after the Leinster U21 final just because that was such an unenjoyable game with eejits completely losing the run of themselves. And again, there was no one under 35 behaving badly, it was the all the (Kildare) older crew.

The vitriol around games now is crazy. Some ref is going to get badly injured soon.


Jesus Christ. That’s pretty chilling. If the parents of the players themselves (who don’t make the match day squad) aren’t able to exercise a bit of cop on, what hope is there that some eegit on the terrace will be able to, if he meets the manager on the street?


Interview with EF where he says it has happened always, great Kerry players of the past and Mick O’Dwyer got it too but that he got very animated about it because it was aimed at young players, which is fair enough.

However he also went into how he was disappointed that “real Kerry supporters, as against followers, like me following Man Utd (I knew there was something funny about him!) all my life” aren’t there in greater numbers. He referenced the fact that Clones wasn’t full for what was a huge game by championship standards, and Killarney only had a crowd of 17-18,000 for a must-win game. (albeit with Kildare having a smaller following than they would have normally).

It made me think of the crowds at some of the Kilkenny hurling games this year, after all their success, and the fact that they are always still contenders, yet their “legions of followers” didn’t deem it worthwhile supporting their team in numbers on the very sort of days when they needed that support more than ever.

Thus can we say that indeed, it is truly better in some ways to travel, rather than to arrive?


Our troll friend is licking his own balls with excitement at the thought that Dublin might lose



It’s all about the journey.


You look rough, were you out last night?