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Its taken a deep turn this year , has really jumped on the anti Dublin band wagon .


Cunningham is like a fly around shite when ewan is tweeting. Shit stirrer. And a poor one at that.


Yep, pair of them in it.


So they changed the rule for the kick out to inhibit Stephens effectiveness. Now some are suggesting limiting the number of substitutions as well have an advantage with our strong bench . And last week somebody was questioning Stephens quick kickouts & the legitimacy of them . Tis gas altogether .


That particular whinge has been doing the rounds for years.


Interesting that he only uses Dublin as an example , or maybe its not .
Effective bench management , its an advantage alright…


Damn the dubs. How can we disadvantage them. All this creative thinking from our country cousins to make them feel that wee bit better.


Was six subs not introduced due to Black card?


Yeah, but don’t let facts get in the way.


If a player is shown a black card he is effectively sent off but can be replaced by a substitute. This brings to light the new change in the amount of subs that can be introduced which is going from five to six.

The first three players to be shown black cards can be replaced by a sub but this is counted as using three of your six permitted substitutes and if a fourth player gets a black card, he will be sent from the field of play without being replaced.


You could effectively use six or more subs prior to black card as blood subs. Mayo pulled that stroke among many others when using every trick in the book in 2012 semi final.


ahem… Cluxton this year!!!


That’s different :grinning:


Culchie Dub bashing going off on new angle today with latest whinge about Dublin stopping the Galway v Clare replay being in CP. Wish the silly culchies would make their minds up :upside_down_face: One day they want all games out of CP the next they insist their rights are being infringed because the GAA won’t kick Dublin out of CP :crazy_face:


Some lad wisecracked that the Dubs will be 15 minutes late anyway having their last pint so problem solved…


Youd miss Bally all the same , that last line though :clown_face:


I’ll agree with some of what he said, it was a really full-on game, Moran came good to some extent before the end, and they will/should benefit alot from having survived it, the Kildare game at home is perfect for them to f/u from that, it’s a safety net really for a knock-out game.
What has to be aknowledged that all the hype around such an unproven team after Munster must have had a huge impact coming into the Galway game, and then there was a big hangover from the poverty of that performance.

**Disclaimer: Ballyer is a bit special gan dabht. No harm in him though, rock on as the man says.


Disagree with Bally that they forced the errors on the wides though. It was mostly poor shot selection and execution often with no Kerry man near the shooter.


Bally has spent too long smelling the slurry pit. Moran was cleaned out. He is carrying jack Barry and that says a lot.


Ballyer is a sniveling, two faced, little toad. He plays the wise old man of the woods here (or tried to) but comes out with the usual venomous bullshit when he is amongst his own kind. There is plenty of harm in the likes of him, where if you play up the harmless aul Kerry rogue well enough, you’ll probably be given your own feckin’ column in a national newspaper. Don’t be taken in Al. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: