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Doing a whip-round to get the directors cut DVD of this film send to Brazil. Just to show there’s no hard feelings.



And this (Daller’s dog)


Good man Al :joy:


And the first to reply to him :joy::joy: Would this man have any joy in his if there was no Dublin? :joy::joy:


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Yes they can. When it’s not the “neutral game”. You can do what you like against Roscommon and in the league.


Twenty minutes later and I still can’t work this one out


A nice change here







Two bald men fighting over a comb


The mic drop thing at the end has killed me :joy::joy::joy::joy:

That’s almost as bad as this one


Careful of the life threatening kids on the pitch playing hurling Dick as you walk off :joy:


Interesting , i posted this on the NBA thread last night & then you have Keiran Cunningham retweeting this today .
I wonder is he reading here :eyes:


Phoenix ran a story a few years back about Cunningham and his plagiarist tendencies. He thinks he is clued in but he s like a fella who discovered sport last week.


Looking for a link to that but can’t find it.


I just remember an article highlighting a lot of similarities for his stories. Football .ie had him snagged using stories from their threads about 10 years ago.


Yeah , that’s all i can find . You can add him to the list of Ewan , etc in regards to us .


No don’t… Leave Ewan alone by himself in Brazil…


Its weird , he always sounded fine on the radio but his tweeting takes a different spin altogether .


Cunningham or Spewan? Stopped following both due to anti-dub drivel …