Inter-Club Competitions Restructuring Proposal - Effective 1st January 2018


Like I said, that will be a decision for each club. But if a club decides to send all their 18 and 19 year olds to play adult they will in my opinion lose more of them in the long run than a similar club who enter an u19 team.


It might end up being a decision between trying fielding an U19 team in an effort to hold on to under 19 players most of whom will drift (college, travel, women etc) in the next couple of years, or fielding U19 players to make up an adult team and hold on to adult players who have proved their worth to the club over several years. What’s the old saying … A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush !


So rather then play intermediate or junior they play U19?

That’s daft


What is the reason for the under 19 team at all? The GAA cannot have it both ways. It has allowed the colleges scene to become much too important, via widescale ‘scholarships’, joining cup competitions etc which led to under 21 being relegated to an also-ran competition. I don’t agree with this but it was clearly policy. It ignores lads who don’t go on to 3rd level. That said, it has happened. There is absolutely no need for an under 19 competition and lads won’t pick it over senior/intermediate club or colleges teams. Why would they?