Hurling championship revamp


What’s the alternative ? You can offer up all the arguments for reducing county games but it will never happen . We are moving to a model to more county games to keep with the demands.
The only alternative is to scrub the leagues and play a proper league based championship structures
Clubs need to accept they will not have players for league games . Including finals or otherwise . It’s nonsensical having league fixtures held up for weeks because a county player isn’t available


i think that’s the way forward. There are actually loads of weekends for matches in the year if you limit players to a minimum number of teams: club AND 1 other team, rather than going down the club OR county route.


the new hurling proposals are to enable clubs to get more games, and it has been said that it will adversely affect tipperary (and others) next year.

This weekend is the Tipp club hurling final. It is the Dublin QF’s. Tipp went out of the championship about a month after we did and tipp has far more teams and rounds in its club championship.

the cause and effect dont seem to match up.

I agree with lone in his suggestion that you play the club championship regardless, but the clubs will not allow it - can you imagine the clubs playing the semi-finals this month risking their year on not having their inter-county players available?