Hurling Championship 2018


Thought loughnane spoke well on it, made a serious case for leaving it as is, the only issue I would have is the McDonagh winners will be ate alive when they enter the Liam McCarthy later in the summer, which is not really a satisfactory system.


Dangerous forwards as well, even if Seamus Callaghan is miles off his best. But their performances are so jackal & Hyde, it’s like night and day. If we put in a first half like they didn’t v cork and Waterford the site would melt down.


Yeah but everyone deserves a trophy these days.

I love the picture the Indo used with the Lougnane article, Ger seems to be enjoying Offaly’s despair :slight_smile:


Could not agree. Limerick and Cork walked through their half back line. They look tired.


Loughnane looks like a Bond villain in that picture.


Laois really struggling in the McDonagh


Westmeath v Carlow in the last game. A draw sees both teams finish 1st and 2nd, respectively. Worth putting a few bob on that?

Of the 12 games played so far, 7 have had winning margins of three points or less. Meath have taken two hammerings but apart from that, the system seems to be working here, I reckon.


It’s a worthwhile competition in it’s own right, problem might be that an offaly would be far too strong but thems the breaks. Surprised at Laois though, would expect them to be able for Carlow or Westmeath.


Indeed, yet their one win so far could well knock Antrim out and they only lost by a goal to Westmeath.


I see a picture that shows the ball in the guys hand seemingly level with the post. We don’t know if that is the furthest back the ball was or not. But based on that picture, the call probably was wrong, but not hugely so. But if that ball went backwards and inch or two either before or after that picture then the umpire was right.


It’s clear from a couple of movie replays that it didn’t.


Loughnane probably has forgiven Offaly for 1998 :slight_smile:


Is there relegation from the Joe McDonagh? Who gets promoted into it?


There is, Laois in danger of relegation, Think the Christy Ring winners get promoted.


Wexford well ahead of kilkenny at half time, albeit kk have 8 wides in the first half.


Further ahead now 1.13 to 7pts.


Wexford imploding here. Conceded six without reply. Three in it.


Kilkenny turn the screw


They’re being blown out of it. Two down now. Eleven point turnaround in twenty minutes for KK without scoring a goal!


Winner of this in Leinster final ?