Hurling Championship 2018


Why did Waterford choose Gaelic grounds as their designated home venue? Hardly convenient for their fans. Could Wexford or Kilkenny not be chosen.


Hard to believe that 8 years after Joe scored his try against Louth that we are still getting shocking decisions like today.


Munster Council wouldn’t allow them to apparently. Had to be a ground in Munster




Really enjoying the hurling championship so far with some brilliant games.
The pace, intensity and skill has been phenomenal and hopefully it gets better if anyway possible.
The system does need to be tweaked a little but they aren’t far off it.


Some of the scores have been awesome. Make Leinster 6 and give all team breaks so that you only play a max of two weeks in a row


Went along to cork v limerick last night. What a game. Been a brilliant championship so far, best hurling championship in years. I’ve been touting a league style provincial system for a long time because it just makes sense - roughly equally matched teams playing each other in the top competition will generate exciting games. The more games the more classics you will get.


There aren’t 6 top teams in Leinster, would diminish the competition to have another weak team in there, also more dead rubbers.


There isn’t 5 either …


True but diluting is by another one isn’t the answer.


Is it 4 or 6 so? 4 realistically - but that’s too low


Leave it as it is. Either relegate The bottom team or have a play off.


Agreed. The only tweaking is there should be relegation from both groups, for me. Or else a play-off between bottom team from both groups to decide who gets relegated.
The only other negative is the standard of refereeing. It’s shocking.


Do away with National League. Two groups Leinster and Munster. Play Home and away within your group and once v teams in other group. Bottom team in each group play off and loser play McDonagh Cup winner to survive or drop down! Top 2 in each group into All Ireland semi final. That’s 13 games or 15 if you reach all Ireland final!


Not a bad evolution there, be interesting to trial


Apart from relegation play off. It’s based on system used in NHL Ice Hockey Stanly Cup. Eastern Conference and Western Conference.


That’s the season structure i have been harping on about on here forever. I think it would revolutionise hurling. The problem we had was that both league and championship were flawed - merging the two into one competition is the way forward.

Similar seasons to american football where they play teams outside their division as ell to keep things interesting. In a sport where there’s a limited number of top sides, you need they playing each other as often as possible. The results so far have been really brilliant. Generally big home crowds (so much easier to get to games), great excitmenet as teams fight to stay in contension. now there will be a couple of dead rubber matches in the last round but that’s not the end of the world IMHO - if you sold home tickets as a package.


They were very sporting about it. Not sure i’d have been so understanding. It was a shocking call but these things happen unless you build in a system like hawkeye/video review/goal line technology.

Another huge come back from tipp - how can they keep doing this? some of their mistakes, lack of energy and execution of the basic skill sets was simply atrocious in the first half and then their HB line just took over. To come from 11 down with a man down back to draw a game is mad, even with the ridiculous goal.


Their half back line is the best in the country, the 2 Maher’s and O’Dwyer are monsters! That’s the goal for our improving half back line to match IMO


These lads in the media getting kudos for being very encouraging towards Offaly, and I think it’s really good too, maybe a sign of the elites showing some real concern for the game but at the same time I also wondered if this was Dublin, would we be hearing any of this from the recent or past legends of the game?