Hurling Championship 2018


It just gets worse and worse. The standard of officiating is way beyond a crisis at this point.


The officials are riding Waterford.



Daylight Robbery


That bellend in his cap.


The single worst half of officiating I have ever seen.

Those officials should never be seen at this level again.


The standard is so poor and gaa will not allow any criticism of refs and look on this you say a bad word about a ref and straight away you get 4 or 5 people jumping to there defence


‘A solution to be got where there are no losers in the championship.’

Settle on a format and let it play out for a few seasons, stop f*cking around.


That photo shows that neither umpire is in the correct position to judge whether a ball is over the line or not. They shouldn’t get another game in my view.


The ref was dreadful as well. Last free should have been a free out. The free before the non goal was for a solid challenge by Gleason. The whole second half was a shambles.


Agree with you. The umpires at the other end made some debatable point decisions too, the players seemed baffled at times.


Its at epidemic levels across all codes! Players putting so much in and week in week out umpires look at each other for validation of decisions.



Shocking display by match officials. Waterford were 11 points up extra man should have closed out game.


In fairness, that looks closer than other angles, practically on the line. Still, don’t know how the umpire thought it was a goal from where he was positioned.


All that proves is that the ball was not over the line when the picture was taken. It does not prove that the players hand had not moved forward in the few seconds beforehand or backwards in the seconds afterwards.
The only way of proving who was right was with goal line technology, which isn’t available in the GAA.


There is no way on earth based on the TV pictures that the full ball, or indeed any part of it was over the line. It was an appalling decision by the umpire on the wrong side of the goal. And it’s not good enough.


Well said! Put it this way: if our game today v Offaly had gone to the wire and Offaly sent us to McDonagh Cup next season with a decision like that we would be livid!


Mahoney and D McGrath outstanding interviews post game. Maybe the embarrassment of losing a 10 point lead brought it out. They’d have been forgiven for losing the head altogether. Either way v classy. Considering what they’ve been up against the last few weeks particularly


Outside of the ball not being over the line (I’ve yet to see an angle that shows it was even debatable) I haven’t seen anyone mention that it was also a blatant square ball therefore the goal question should not have even come into it! Tipp man in beside the keeper a long time before the ball!