Hurling Championship 2018


Ah well done! Good work for a Friday morning!


Sheedy is in. O Shea apparently in also.


Eamon O’Shea? The dream team is back…


Thats the rumour


If Sheedy had stayed they’d have won another one or two All Irelands. Or maybe he just saw the writing on the wall…


If they gave out All Irelands for rattling each others women!


I heard that too!


Which bit?


Certain member of backrom team having it off with a players partner!


Boy. That’s quite the rom com. :blue_heart::yellow_heart:


Backroom or back passage stairs?


Players were at it too. The Fleetwood Mac of hurling.


Not only swinging their hurls?


Not sure where to put this but Tg4 showing club matched frpm Clare now. Inagh-Kilnamona v Ballyea up next.


Davy Fitz bringing out another book :roll_eyes: . The man just loves publicity.


Jesus. Yet more ‘poor me’ claptrap. Always the victim. The hedge in my front garden has more self awareness than Davy. :roll_eyes:


Fixed that there for you.


Agree, bringing out a second book must a first for a GAA person? Then you have him appearing on Ireland fittest family, living with Lucy. The story about playing UL is just comedy gold.


Pretty sure he more than appears on Irelands fittest family.
I heard before that he came up with the idea for the programme.


He owns it. Fittest family is all his