Hurling Championship 2018


The psyche of an entire county in Waterford is hurling…can the same be said for Dublin? I know there are great hurling people in Dublin but it’s gaelic football that captures the hearts and minds…same in Mayo…

Anyway I’m hoping we can pass our heartbreak title to some other county in the next few years


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This is probably for the Good Books thread but there is a very good GAA book called “Working on a dream” it’s a year on the road with the Waterford footballers. You probably won’t be surprised to know that there’s junior B clubs in Dublin with more resources than they get. I’d highly recommend it to get a glimpse of the totally opposite side of the spectrum than we’d usually read about at IC level. You’d pick it up cheap enough too


Ha ha looking in the hurling championship 2018 and first 3 names I see Tyrone Mayo Rochford


Read that, really enjoyed it.


Fair play to Limerick…apparently county board barred Liam McCarthy going to pubs (clubhouse bars ok).
Small gesture but important one.


15 All Star nominations for Limerick. Dublin get 1, Chris Crummey.


always likely to be the way, seems a very long time ago that we finished up.


Lucky to get one, to be honest. Winning All-Stars wouldn’t have been high on the agenda for the management team this year, I reckon (and rightly so).
Move on.


Crummy deserved it though, I haven’t seen too many better them him all year. We have two or three possibles next year if we go well enough. Danny will never be far away and there are a group of four or five with potential if we get out of the group stage.


I am somewhat excited and optimistic about next year. More progress was made this year than I would have imagined, albeit we were starting from a very low ebb.


Yep, me too. I don’t have huge expectation for next year I am happy to be competitive against the big guns - but I would like to get out of the group, which means at least beating Wexford.

I am looking forward to the Walsh Cup now to see who emerges on the team. I also like the fact that we are in 1B and not every game is do or die.


After the group-staged Provincial Championships we have had this year, I wonder will the league be a little less intense next spring?


I’d say you are right. They can’t maintain feverish intensity for 6 months!


Is Sheedy gone back to manage Tipp again?


That’s the rumor, has it been confirmed?


It’s as good as sorted from a person close to panel.


He is a glutton for punishment! I wonder is O Shea with him? Or Lukasz?


i mentioned him first :sunglasses:

cathal barrett got put off the road for two years during the week for drink driving.

Sheedy has his work cut out.


He might need Lukasz aid