Hurling Championship 2018


Ground hurling…long gone.
In fact, when one of the limerick defenders pulled on a ball on ground on Sunday to clear, the feeling around us was he panicked…

I think, we’ll see slight increase in weight of sliotar in near future as with keepers short puck outs now to ~30m, means alot of skills/areas being bypassed with long range shots. Maybe also trial that all puck outs must cross 45m


Hmmm… and if it’s a Junior E championship game and one team is playing against a gale force wind?


Twice on Sunday a player pulled on the ball on the ground and both times Marty starting waxing lyrical about the beauty of ground hurling and how we need to see more of it. Fortunately there was no relevant Cranberries song he could quote …


Only heard the cranberries quotes audio last night…flicked off before he finished as it was awful and worse…obviously pre prepared


I don’t see much wrong with the puckouts. if a team go short it’s their risk. Felt it added to the excitement at times on Sunday and produced one of the scores of the game from Declan Hannon who came up with a brilliant interception before putting it over the bar. Skehill going off was a turning point in the Galway resurgence. The short balls stopped and the sub keeper was putting them a lot further dropping them in behind limericks half back line. I couldn’t believe how long Galway persisted with the short ball as it wasn’t working at all


YOnly in GAA, could one code be castigated for being excessively defensive and suggestion now is 2nd code is going overly offensive.


I was at our game v Galway in Salthill. Rain McBride pulled on a beautiful ball on the ground which led to our 2nd goal.
Young Galway lad said to his Dad, what was that he did… I just said that’s called ground hurling and it’s making a comeback :sob:


Duignan on second captains said Marty had it in his notes.

I cannot recall Marty being a big cranberries fan not even when he had his own music show. Another spoofer.


The most cringe inducing part was when he named checked the song, then he named checked Dolores, then he named checked the Cranberries - and then he added in “always one of my own favourite groups”…I mean Jesus wept like…


Claims his ticket was for 327 and he moved to there later on :rofl:


One thing about healy rae is that he wasn’t on the jar as he is tee total whatever else was ailing him.


A hearty dinner no doubt…

Shamelessly robbed from 100 tweets!


Marty made a decent noble effort few years back at name checking emigrants across the world (probably prep’d in advance but good) alas he’s spoiling that now with trying it every year.


Absolute bullshit. Later on? Sure it was during the minor match! What I want to know is why he was deemed worthy of such a spot? He’s not from one of the competing counties!


Does Marty have to let it linger to the point where he is in your head- in your head?


Why would you make the sliothar heavier? When two balls of the same diameter are made of materials of different density and mass, the ball with the greater mass-density will travel farther if projected with the same amount of force, or at the same initial speed :wink:
Players are more conditioned now and the hurleys are totally different than 10/15 years ago so helps the ball travel better, also the rims on the sliothars aren’t what they use to be either

Nothing wrong with the puckouts and it works perfectly fine and no need to be going changing any rules just like football


I agree on the sliothar, making it heavier should mean it will travel further. A larger diameter or change in the surface would reduce the distance though.

I do think rules need to evolve though over time. I would, for instance, tweak the handpass rule so there has to be a visible gap between the ball and the hand before it is struck. At the moment it is too hard to take the ball away from someone in possession and that is why there is heaps of pulling and dragging when a guy has the ball. If he can’t handpass it away so easily, people will wait for that opportunity.

I would look at the ‘barging’ issue too. It is too grey an area, in both codes. It appears it is barging if the guy falls down, but it’s ok if he doesn’t.


It was a hell of a strike, as was Whitely’s against Kilkenny. But it’s not going to work every time, it is very hard to keep possession from it.

On a similar sort of topic, I noticed in the last few games how many sideline cuts end up just turning the ball over. The team taking it are down a man as they need someone to take the cut and the opposition spare man just goes to the place the ball is most likely to go. I reckon at least 70% of the time the ball just goes to that extra man.

But it made me think that if a team has the ball, but hasn’t a clear shot on goal they should just drive it over the sideline inside the 20m line. The most likely outcome is that they would get the ball back somewhere on their 65m line, but would have time to push men up.


A lot of handpasses are throws, a little wave of the hand after the ball has gone seems to satisfy the refs.


We will have to wait and see Dublin win a few AI before the rules will get changed😖