Hurling Championship 2018


Come back to me when the Dublin hurlers loose 9 all Ireland finals


I’m not doubting it would do wonders for small band of hurling people but truth is that vast majority in Cp Sunday week aren’t overly fussed on it and never give it much thought…that’s outside of large parts of Dublin who’ve no interest in GAA.
That’s not case in mayo or Waterford where it’s ongoing widely held obsession.
Plus, Dublin have 1 provincial hurling title in last 57 years…too be genuine famine, you need the odd close call of winning.


Stop digging Rebus. To a Dub hurling fan, we need it every bit as much as Limerick. I would swap four in a row football All Ireland’s for one in hurling. I’d swap all of them actually.


I wouldn’t disagree.
My point was that there are 2 of the great county famines remaining after limerick.
Some feel Dublin hurling is a 3rd. Happy to disagree and leave it be.


Agree, it is not the same to be there or thereabouts loads of times, Dublin first need to get into that position and then talk about famines. It would be great for the Dublin hurlers to make a final as that would be huge progress, but for Mayo or Waterford getting to the final is not enough at this stage.


@_TL I’ve always said in relation to KK dominance that it’s up to other counties to raise their levels to that of KK, and it’s been great to see.And I believe the same needs to happen in football, the answer isn’t to change rules etc to curb Dublin’s dominance, but, other counties need to look at our structures etc and adopt them.

It was said above that Limerick have been the only county to approach DCB to see how it being done, and yesterday was testament to that.


He’s lucky I’m off too bed…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hello Liam is that you, any chance of getting us a ticket hurling final? You know I’m mad about the hurlin…:sob::sob:


All good for hurling tickets thanks…great day of gripping sport…swapped them for a pair of football.


We’ve more All Ireland hurling titles than Galway, Waterford and Clare. Who says we aren’t an elite hurling county


we have to lose 3 more so, Waterford have only lost there last 3 but guess I guess 3 is bigger then 6 in this case.:thinking:


Only one true blue Dub ever win a medal though. I know who it was but who else does?:wink:


Jim Byrne of Eoghan Rua in 1938


In fairness, no mention of who is and isn’t “elite”.
Innocuous mention of last few counties still with long “famine” waits for a title.

Huge amount of counties are waiting forever… but far less have realistic ambition of still winning, sole sporting focus of many in the county and have had near misses/hard luck and sometimes self inflicted defeats.


Big crowds…plenty of ground hurling…


Ah no I know. I just like throwing out that stat when I can.

On a separate topic. I was chatting to a few limerick fans after the game. After the usual points were covered about their win and who played well etc… the conversation turned to Dublin. Most of them shared the notion that they thought we were going well there a few years and then the wheels seemed to come off. “Sure that’s very unfair on the hurling folk the way they hired a football man for the hurling job, a right two fingers to ye if ye ask me” was a statement one of them said. He genuinely wasn’t been smart he thought that would be the overriding reaction of Dublin hurling people at Gilroys appointment


Yerra sure thing Danny


Shane Ross doesn’t strike me as a True Gael in fairness ! Maybe he is…


I miss that😉


Says he was in section 327. That doesn’t look like section 327 to me. Looks a bit more like the Ard Comhairle!!