Hurling Championship 2018


Was a great experience to be at an event like that as a neutral. Watching people around you losing their marbles while your generally at ease enjoying the contest was pretty surreal. The amount of grown men and women I seen crying as I left the ground.

One thing I will say though was I witnessed a large amount of Galway fans congratulating their counterparts on the way out of croker, can’t have been easy thing to do. Galway fans have a not so positive reputation on here and I am sure there are bad apples but the ones I seen carried themselves exceptionally well. The way they’ve been tarred on here in the past is BS to be honest. If there’s one county that shouldn’t throw stones in that department I would admit that it’s us.


I find that supporters in general at games still enjoy the banter and the craic and are intelligent enough to know how to behave when you win or lose, there are always exceptions, but I don’t think that is down to being from one particular county or the other, now when it comes to social media , well people seem to lose control of themselves.


On the hurling v football quality debate, and the role of Dublin’s dominance in it etc: has anyone considered that you now have a cohort of good hurling counties as they all had to step it up in response to a great Kilkenny team. Perhaps the same might happen in football.


Just seen the Limerick team arriving in the train station, jaysus you would think the Lord Mayor won it, he was kind of organizing a photo shoot with himself , the captain and the cup.


Michael Duignam on the Second Captains podcast saying he won’t get into the sentimental stuff then starts talking about John Kiely’s bright blue eyes full of belief. And other such shite about hurling people having a modesty and a genuineness. Jaysus.


I like Duignan for the most part but this was the lad who was shedding tears when the Offaly hurlers beat us in the league opener at the end of January…


Duignan is a good character I think. Genuine hurling man as they say. I wonder did he ever get the aul lad sky sports


Some awful shite talked by hurling folk.


I wonder about that every time I see him on TV…


So were a few on here …


More like Dublin


Very good interview with Seamus Hickey earlier on OTB- couldn’t but be happy for him.
Followed up with a good piece with Tommy walsh (best pundit around), unfortunately they also had that ape Daithi Regan, who is the hurling equivalent of David Brady, on the same slot.


He’s Welsh :wink:


This is a brilliant listen.

Mario and Mullane


With limerick fed, Mayo (football) and Waterford (hurling) now the last 2 remaining big team famines


I know a county that have been waiting 21 years more than Waterford for Liamo (clue there)


Can’t compare Dublin with Waterford in terms of overall counties appetite/interest for hurling.

Dublin not winning hurling for decades is never topic of conversation


You’re gonna be very popular here …


Ya bollicks who hasn’t been waiting on Liamo.

In fairness in Waterford hurling is no1 sport followed by soccer before football. Been winning Munster and the odd league and no Liam McCarthy. After Clare, and Limerick ending big long waits Waterford are next and wexford it been 20+plus aswell.

If dublin could land Liam McCarthy it would do wonders for the game in the capital, and real hurling people’s heads would explode.


Are they the people with a hurley bas instead of hands?