Hurling Championship 2018


Apparently one core instruction to Limerick was to shoot on site (and reduce level of passing in forwards on all previous games) and thus lessen impact of Galways greater physicality by reducing collisions throughout the game.
Obviously contributed to their much higher wide count but also increases their number of shots.

One nice quote from dinner last night from JP.
He was clarifying how the players aren’t just involved in limerick hurling but committed… he said he had egg and bacon for breakfast that day…he accepted that the hen was involved but that the pig was committed.

My god the tension at the end…fair play to Galway, below par (credit to Limerick) but what a comeback and maybe adds to victory for Limerick given 1994 etc


Makes sense alright but my god some of the wides were criminal. If Dublin hitvthat many wides there’d be people demanding a riot and branch review of our development squads.


Good man @Tayto


I hate my phone :grimacing:



One of the Limerick lads mentioned the shooting thing after the game, said something on the lines that the more shots they took the more chances they would score, pretty logical but I suppose it depends on the shots, Often got the feeling that was Kildare’s philosophy in football, taking outrageous pot shots and then wetting themselves when one went over, ignoring that all the others were just coughing up possession.


Was definitely the case when they kicked away the 2013 AI U21 semi final against Galway (I think) in Tullamore


On the surface that tactic makes sense but the execution was so poor that on most other days it would have cost them the win. Also they had huge success when getting good ball into the FF line and if they had done more of that than shoot 20 wides then squeaky bum time may not have arisen.


Yeah get the idea but I thought the wides began to suck the confidence from them and gave momentum to Galway. It worked but if it didn’t you could only imagine the recriminations after.


… as against “have a stab at it”?


He certainly did his best!


The game itself was poor enough but the scenes in the stadium afterwards were incredible. The amount of grown men in tears at the final whistle was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, from both Limerick and Galway. The joy when linger was played at the final whistle was brilliant.

I’m delighted for Limerick, it was well deserved. It’s been a while since I’ve seen scenes like that at a final whistle of an all ireland final.


Everyone gives out about not being able to get a ticket for the final for ‘real’ limerick and Galway’s fans - if there are so many fans why were the semi finals not a sell out ? Where are they for the league games ? Just coz you are from a county that’s competing doesn’t mean you are not a bandwagoner - it shouldn’t only be competing county fans that get tickets it should be available to all Hurling people - to witness the pinical of the sport that love - what needs to be outlawed is touting in general - there was talk of government legislation but don’t think anything came of it


The legislation was passed which is why Ticketmaster “decided” to close seatwave.

Your other point doesn’t make sense. Even if every match Limerick played in had been sold out according to you Joe blogs from Dublin should get a ticket ahead of those supporters because he loves hurling?

Same will apply in two weeks with ourselves.


Limerick winning best result for hurling overall IMO.
What a championship!


Like Tyrone next week :smirk:

Will be best for hurling.


Yep, I was at the league game b Dublin. There were no ticket issues then for Limerick supporters!


I think the GAA will need to relook at selling tickets as a package including an AI final or extending season ticket scheme. People with no intredt going to finals puts off fans who miss out, who have gone to other games.


For anyone worried about hurling, ye can stop now. The whole thing has been validated by some random English dude - so it’s all good. #postcolonialinferioritycomplex


I always thought of limerick as our hurling equivalent…guess I’ll have to pick Waterford now