Hurling Championship 2018


And in fairness there were plenty from both sides whose first match in person was yesterday’s.


You are probably right, but the handing out of tickets is still a bad joke


One of the Healy Rae’s put their hands into their own grubby little pockets and part with 5000-10,000 of their own hard …ahem…earned smackers for their very own premium seat?



The general consensus was that this Galway team were a big physical team with a sprinkling of good hurlers who could out muscle many teams in the coming years not unlike Kilkenny did. They were badly beaten yesterday by a team with many players not yet fully developed physically.


Must be one of the youngest teams (based on average age) to win the All-Ireland SHC?
I’d imagine the Clare team in '95 was quite young, also?


Yeah. There were a lot of last years AI U21 winning side in there yesterday. Be interesting to see how they are developed down the road, considering the dogs dinner Davy Fitz made of a similar set up 5 years ago.


This takes the gloss off Lucasz Kirszenstein’s record as a physical trainer. He worked his magic for Tipp in 2016 and Tribes last year but yesterday they had no energy left. The replays cost them in the end. At the same time, Caroline Currid’s stock continues to rise. She has done a smashing job with Limerick this year.


I was thinking about this actually on the way home this morning. It may well be that Galway’s injuries caught up with them. They had 3 or 4 of their starting 15 carrying knocks and I heard comment on it last night that a couple of them lacked the sharp movement they usually have in a game. Of such little things are games won and lost!


Ah jaysus! Who cares what province it is, there’s 10 teams, surely to god the idea is to get the best out of each and try to get a couple more up a level. Better for Dublin to have the competition of Galway there anyway. More serious games.

Congrats to Limerick. Mayo must dream again now.
Hurling, the stick-beating of the nation.


Cork are Munster champions.
Galway are Leinster champions.

Limerick are All Ireland champions.

The provincials - even the sacred cow - have no real value any more.


Alot of that kind of talk but look at Dublin footballers in 2012.
Limerick seriously looked the part in losing to Kk in the semi final a couple of years back, and they also looked to have serious promise when they beat Cork to win Munster a few years ago. They have been right up there and performed really well yesterday despite the wides.
I think both sides showed the effects of not being used to playing so many games over the summer, especially Galway of course.


Absolutely delira for limerick, the form team all summer pretty much (apart from their no show in Ennis). Goes to show you what can be achieved from a low enough base a few years ago. Thought they had blown it at the end there, seemed to freeze. Brilliant stuff.


I think the influence Mike Casey has had this year has Been pivotal in limericks success. I don’t think it it’s any coincidence that the mini limerick collapse happened when he was off the field. Full back has been a big problem for limerick for a few years until he stepped up this year. I mean Richie McCarthy and Seamus hickey are hardly top class full backs.


The good thing is that I could see us beating Limerick. I thought Galway were ahead of everyone and you could only win an All Ireland by reaching the level they were at last year - but that’s obviously not the case.

We are not there, but we could be - the standard we have seen from the very top counties this year is in us. We need maybe a 10% mprovement on this year and we need to be able to bring 70+ minutes of intensity (something we never managed last year). We also really need two things to go our way, 1. We need to be nearly injury free and 2. Unfortunately, we need Cuala not to win Leinster this year. And we need Cronin and O Connell back - hopefully Schütte too. But it’s achievable. I don’t think we have the players to beat a 2017 Galway, but as above, we don’t need that level.


They would to the likes of Dublin. The Leinster is worthless to Galway all right but at least they don’t put the medals on e bay any more.

I’m all for playing matches against top.flight teams but not to the extent of them pushing us away from provincial honours and I’m sure the current set up would kill for a Leinster.


Read an article in the independent during the week re limerick hurling. During the peak munster rugby years in the mid 2000s they realised that hurling was in a bad way in the city especially. They appointed a full time hurling gpo in 2006 and within five years the percentage of primary school children playing hurling went from 8% to 57%.
They also put an academy system in place too, as they felt they were losing a lot of players to the munster academy at a certain age.
Nearly all the hurling counties, it seems, have put in enormous work over the last fifteen or so years and it’s bearing fruit now.
There’s a few football counties that should be taking note


Is it true they re organised underage etc based on Dublin structures?


Yes, Alan has mentioned how they approached his committee.

I read once that Clare did.likewise, I’d say acting on Daly feedback.


They certainly consulted with Dublin as to what we were doing.


But but Dublins success is only down to their money…