Hurling Championship 2018


Delighted for Limerick. Phenomenal achievement and performance today. McInerney and Burke at FB totally taken out of their comfort zone. Thought the Limerick captain was MOM. He hurled for the full 80 plus minutes. Hayes is a class act but went quiet for the last 15/20 after his hawkeye score. He’s going to be one of the greats if he keeps his head though.


Limerick were by far the better team, but clearly shit themselves when they smelled the finish line. They completely flapped and fell over the line! But I’m delighted for them. Scenes at the end were reminiscent of 2011 for me (I know the time gap was much bigger)

The win will bring Limerick on leaps and bounds now and fair play to them!

What a magical year it’s been for hurling. It will live long in the memory!


Jesus they’ll be fighting to get into Div 1b :sob::sob:


Great championship and only a football snob would point out the really poor quality for most of the game and a phenomenal 36 wides. Otherwise it was great.


In fairness,he’d to cram in 45yrs. Chris Crummey will be there for a while next year so… :muscle::muscle:


I’m reading that Shane Dowling ‘mishit’ or scuffed his shot for the third goal. I thought looking at it that he hit it into the ground purposely to wrongfoot the goalkeeper ?


This is brilliant

Some moany ■■■■ in the replies giving out about him having a ticket but people who go week in week out didn’t :roll_eyes:


Declan Hannon surely MotM? Daithi Burke also a contender? Mulcahy or Flanagan too?


We beat them by 4pts and they’d a full squad that night.


With the greatest of respect, you can read nothing into a meaningless challenge where you don’t know the in’s and out’s of “both” teams training, etc, leading up to it.


He didn’t mishit it, he purposely hit it into the ground.


Des is getting very ratty the longer this awards of the year thing goes on.

Interesting how it’s only the live RTÉ matches which seem to be throwing up nominations and whenever a Dublin match which wasn’t in RTÉ is mentioned he gets the hump…


Jesus. He looks about 12.


Could it be john magnier ??



Why do they go? I don’t know how it can be solved but All Ireland final ticket allocation is beyond a joke, I know it is everybody’s final, but at least try and let people who are actually interested in the game go. but just to occupy a seat is senseless.


That’s not a good look .


I’m sorry I was at the game, it was played just before our game against KK, and Limerick v Tipp. The intensity from both teams was as high as today’s, albeit today’s was for higher stakes.
Limerick fielded a full squad, and certainly didn’t see it as a puck around in the park.
Compared to the 12pt trimming we got earlier in the league, both teams where in full championship preparation mode.


He wasn’t too pleased with Cyril mentioning the Dubs, and the foul on Paddy Smith, yet he’ll be decked out in red and white when Cuala get on the road. Too many spoofers on TSG.
Not a mention of Alan Nolans brilliant foot save against KK…


Looks like the premium seats, so there is a good chance that he has the long term premium ticket rather than it being an allocation for this game.