Hurling Championship 2018


They won U21 All Ireland’s in 15 and 17. They know what it takes.


They easily could have lost to Clare. Limerick stood up to them & built the big lead although nearly threw it away .


Just makes Kilkenny’s numerous back to backs all the more impressive. Tipp, Clare and now Galway haven’t been able to do it.


Ah Damien Hayes has sobered up.


Cant stand listening to him.


That is a nasty comment.


Mullane on radio , above all he was delighted for Jp McManus. Gobshite , not just the soccer inbed with the tax exiles.


Did you watch up for the match?


Incredible…delighted for limerick to end the famine…I really thought they had F’ed it up though…better team on the day.

Emotional scenes at the end…makes me dream of what it might be like if we ever win Sam again.


Or if we win liam…


Imagine we won Liam and Sam in the same year. I reckon we’d see the mother of all meltdowns from our Brazilian friend :grin:


True I know I’m biased but with all our near misses I reckon if we ever win Sam it will be an epic celebration…



Yes but what happens if he runs out of cash or dies?


Look ! It’s Bitter in the hat.


Ok 2020 he’s all yours.

We have to lose to someone like Louth though.


Think Cian Lynch may have pushed himself into contention for POTY. He was outstanding the last couple of matches.
Hayes MOTM today. He’s the hurling equivalent of Con I think.


Really enjoyable game to be at.
Limerick were outstanding and Quaids puckouts damaged Galway, they pulled Mc Inerney out of centre back especially in the first half and created a massive hole for Limerick to expose them.

Galway forwards were poor enough and ball didn’t really stick inside for them compared to the other end.
I’d say the Galway corner back will have nightmares for years about getting blocked down for the last Limerick goal


I keep thinking back to Tuesday May 1st last when Dublin played Limerick in a challenge match in Parnell Park in front of a handful of spectators. It was a good close game where our lads came out on top. Based on that game and on our performances in the championship I’m more hopeful about next year than I was about this one last August.


I’d say a lot of Galway players will have regrets from that game today… Galway had a bucket load of wides.

If Limerick had lost and they could have got caught at the end they would have had huge regrets. When did team that won the AIF ever win with 20 wides.