Hurling Championship 2018


Delighted for Limerick, they fell over the line in the end but I doubt they will care.


Super stuff. Well done limerick.


Spare a moment for Mayo here :joy:


Consecutive All-Irelands for Div 1B teams.
Cuala and Limerick pointing the way.
I’m sure Pat Gilroy is taking note.


Marty banging on about Delores again at the end. I’d say he only knows the three famous songs like everyone ffs. He’s such a fucking ghoul.


Owens was a fucking joke. Was trying to ensure a draw. Rode Limerick the last 10 mins


The best hurling championship in living memory for me.
Great that it has been won by a county not in the big three.
Congratulations to all 10 counties involved. Some cracking group games and epic knock-out games, to boot.


Delighted for Limerick!:smile:


raging he didn’t try harder to ensure it, had it @ 9/1 to pay for my football ticket.


They’d be in the top 4 though!

Delighted they hung on - by far and away the better team. Owens nearly fcuked them - clear foul and 9 point lead becomes a Galway goal and 5 point lead. Woeful officiating.

Marty - a pure gobdaw, the Cranberry references were cringeworthy throughout. Surely McBennett will finally clean the crap out of the stable.


Is he going to thank every single person in Limerick?


Not exactly a rockin speech. Clucko’s speeches wouldn’t be either but at least he keeps them short :grin:


Just as long last year


Makes sure to thank JP. Ewan would nod in agreement, the sort of proper old style GAA patronage he is fighting single handedly to preserve against those dubs with their “commerical partners” anti true geal West Brit attitudes intetloping into the national game.


For how long will we put up with shite referees? He nearly single-handedly handed the game to Galway. Lads trsin like dogs …to be fucked over by clowns like him. Not good enough.


Unless it’s Dublin eh Ewan…


Spare a thought for the Leinster council who allowed the Galway magpie into their nest to the detriment of actual Leinster counties. One all Ireland final, runner up in another, under 21 to come and a two in a row for Galway minors. What were we getting out of that deal again?


Delighted for Limerick, makes one dream what dublin could do.


It’s up to us. Leinster council quite happy to lose us or Offaly from their own championship whilst giving the red carpet to a Connaught county.


1b seems to be the place to bounce from and interesting to see what direction this Galway panel go in. Thought limerick made them look ordinary today.