Hurling Championship 2018


Answered your own question there. The minor hurling was more important.


The call by Daly to add a team to Leinster to avoid a relegation sort of makes sense, but sort of doesn’t. What happens next year when Laois or Westmeath or someone are facing relegation, will they add another team then?

I know where they came from when they decided this. They thought there was a gap between Offaly and the rest of the teams above them so there was a top four and then the fifth was well behind. At the time they were right, but Offaly have proved to be better then expected, so the real gap is now under Offaly, not above them.

But I don’t think anyone made a mistake at the time I think they dealt with the facts they had then. But it probably should be adjusted. It would mean that there would be an even amount of teams so no team would have a bye any weekend. But it would also mean the team that comes up would probably get slaughtered every week. If for example it’s Laois, Dublin best them by over 20 points in the league at a stage when Dublin we’re still finding their feet.


@Wifi do you think by extending it would see a whole host of dead rubber games? For example, if Laois got brought in, and no disrespect to Laois, would the bigger teams be bothered with the other games knowing a win against Laois, means they stay up.
Granted there would be competition to see who’d progress in the Series,but, if for example KK had a bad run in the opening games, they’d still be the element of “Well feck it, we beat Laois and we’re safe mentality”…


you’re assuming we’ll beat offaly then? :expressionless:

What he’s saying makes sense in a way, but i think it would dilute the quality, i’d have the bottom of the table have to play off against the McDonagh cup winner, that helps maintain the overall standard, Galway or KK versus Laois/Westmeath is going to be a turkey shoot unless they improve to the point where they can beat Offaly or ourselves in a play off.

that’s what Munster will do if Kerry were to win it.


You beat me to it liamo. I think this format will end up absorbing the league and will be home and away based. If we did the American football thing of playing the teams in the other division as well (only once each) then we could have a really good league with a short and sharp playoff system at the end of it. It’d be more streamlined then what we currently have and would give regular quality and hopefully competitive home games to every county.


My fear for it would be next year people would say Laois (for example) shouldn’t be relegated and want to bring someone else up. Even if there is a play off with the McDonagh cup winners as @Tayto suggests (and this probably is the best solution), people will know they will be safe anyway. But I guess there will be a ‘shame’ factor in having to play relegation games that will mean teams will try to avoid it.

A sixth team would mean everyone has a game every weekend, and just maybe there is a sixth team that could be sort of competitive (Westmeath gave Galway a fright a few years ago). But I’m not sure.

But in hindsight, a play off with the McDonagh cup winners is probably the fairest solution.

I am not sure though I wouldn’t tweak the rules to make score difference the deciding factor on places (not head to head), without this, it means the last weekend will have definite dead rubber games.


i just think its sad that offaly have their bye week after playing us.


They can but ultimately they’re not going to do so on a regular basis. the relegation play off is the place for a team to prove that they have improved to a point where they are good enough for leinster. Even if there was a relegation play off this year, i would still want us to beat offaly and not finish bottom.


With the six teams you could play 3 break then last 3, even keel


True, it would bring a bit of balance.

I was thinking actually there will be teams that won’t go any further in Munster and Lemister after the next few weeks. It could be useful to play a shield type competition with these. It would be a few more games and I would think Dublin anyway would appreciate extra games as they build for next year.


Still think the quality would take an unecessary hit. Just have a playbiff.


And im not quite sure we’re at a stage wer hammering teams should be our objective… doubt we will see TOO much variation from what we have seen but will still beat Offaly… gives us another game at that system before Galway!!


Dublin Galway next week will likely be a nothing game .


Cork/Limerick great stuff so far. Tight.Great skill.Great scores.


The only way next week’s game will not be a dead rubber is if Dublin v Offaly is a draw. Which ever team wins tomorrow survives on the head to head. A draw and next week’s results, and maybe score difference, comes into play.


Offaly idle next week so a draw would make it points difference I presume - and Dublin would need in the order of a 42 point tanking from Galway to go down


34,607 in PUC tonight. Serious crowd for a BH Saturday - fair play.


Limerick have been brilliant so far tonight

Flanagan and Morissey have been brilliant and causing Cork massive problems


Standard or refereeing is beyond appalling.


Is that an automatic post you have set up?