Hurling Championship 2018


No. Which is why he thought he was getting the final. Semi final refs don’t get the final. Although this year one is.


Today statement was certainly all about him


Very disrespectful attitude towards the other referees.


Deplorable. It’s not like he’s all that good.


Such a bizarre interview, he was asked why he stood down and his answer was basically cause I’m not involved in the all ireland final, Marty asks has it got anything to do with the team of officials named to take charge of the final? Marty “Johnny obvious” morrisey strikes again.


What sanction does one get for a good kick in the bollocks?


I’m guessing The Sack!


You are correct he has done two finals both replays. While I agree he made a fool of himself today I can understand his hurt at never in his time as a Referee being the first choice for a final. There is no way of selecting a Referee for a final without pissing someone off.


But there are loads of ways of behaving like a man …


Was he not first choice for the U21 and minor finals? Did he not ref 2 senior finals? Has he not struggled with fitness over the past few years? Is this a good example for a school Deputy Principal? Has / had he not another 7/8 years to be selected as “first choice” ref for a senior final!!!


What a gobshite, simply unbelievable stuff from a grown man.


Watched Galway-Clare replay back there, Galway steeped to win it. That said as we know winning back-to-back is a very hard thing especially after a huge breakthrough. They’ve ridden their luck throughout but got to the final. Limerick will be the fresher team overall but what they lack is the mercurial individual brilliance that Clare have in two or three players.


Documentary about Babs Keating starting on RTE 1 in a couple of minutes


Thanks for the warning, switching to pornhub now…


Are hurling documentaries and pornhub not the same thing these days? :roll_eyes:


What’s pornhub?


A site where fans of whristy-ness can go to be alone.


You could say, a Christmas stocking filler?


Red alert!