Hurling Championship 2018


Feeling the pressure methinks. Compare that to Canning’s sideline cut a minute before. Not a bother.


19 wides. Clare were never gonna win with that many sides.


Galway by a point. Clare a mess in the last few minutes.

Limerick will give them their fill of it.


Clare threw it away


Yep they did. 6 and 7 points in each half. Very poor.


Is there a name for that kind of object?




:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Galway only put up 8 points after the goal or have I that wrong? Goal was in the 21st min, there was about ten mins extra time in the match that’s almost an hour playing time.


That’s about right. They were shocking from the 20th minute on. Limerick have a great chance.


I’d fancy limerick in this one. Galway are falling off as games go on, limerick have the bench to take advantage of that. They also have a team of players with u21 all Ireland medals, so they’ll have no fear in 2 weeks


Limerick all the way. Don’t have some of Clares talent but better structure and conviction. Ultimately its a pity its not a Clare-Limerick final but the win will be that bit sweeter now for L.


Have to disagree. I think Galway will win it. They are not playing that well but still know how grind out a win when things go against them. Limerick are a very young side and will not have come come up against such a physical side as Galway.
Really don’t think their forwards will be allowed the same space by the Galway backs as Cork gave them.


I would love to see limerick do it.


Limerick are bigger, stronger and tougher than Clare. That will matter.


They are but it might play into Galway’s hands to some degree.


Both 1B as well, which is curious.


There’s been no connection between the league and championship now for a while.


Watched it back this evening . Think i picked out two or three chances where Clare might have won it ( O’Donnell goal chance ) or leveled ( Duggan mis hitting the free at the end / dropped a shot in low ).

Think galway stumbled over the line here .They might not be that fortunate in the final.


They had a disaster of a first half - 2 points from play in 37 minutes of hurling and 19 wides overall. Over the two games, almost 3 hours of hurling, they were only ahead for 1 minute! Yes of course they could have sneaked at the death but Galway were the better team, I think. Of course Limerick are in with a real good chance, but it will be very hard for a young inexperienced side to come from1B and win an All Ireland at their first attempt.