Hurling Championship 2018


Strangely poor quality. Both teams look nervous


Very low scoring at half time. Over ten mins between the last two scores. Both teams with sweepers.


Galway are like Dublin. Winning at their ease. Got bout of head staggers last week. Not going to happen today.


Clare forwards cleaned out in first half. Men against boys. Padraig Mannion is some player.


Galway are asleep.


Limerick won’t be afraid of Galway in this performance. That’s if Galway can actually put Clare away.


Great goal


Goal of the Year!!!


Shane O’Donnell!!!1


Ref losing it here big time. Last three frees should have gone the other way.




Should have been a square ball from the initial ball in!!!


Galway are hoors for letting teams back in.


Very disappointing to hear Brendan Cummins advocating cynical pulling down.


Good man Brenda Cummins, is a cynical pull down "good, manly hurling " ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Bah…get out of my head Alan. It’s crowded enough as it is !


Serious test for Galway now, will they panic and fall asunder or kick on like champions.


Jesus, he’ll be having nightmares about that miss.


Crazy stuff! Galway by two after Clare hit the post. Seven to go.


Poor free by Duggan to level it!! Misses!!!