Hurling Championship 2018


She doesn’t even comentate on games? She’s there to look pleasant and to keep everyone else talking. Job done.


Heading to the banner tomorrow, mrs wasonthehill83 is from there. Conor Cleary is a Neighbour, a hurling man in the west Clare football heartland. Funny thing is I ll probably be shouting more for the banner than a lot of the Clare crowd , a laissez faire attitude among a lot of them.


I mean in terms of talking in meaningless cliches she is very similar. The fake plummy accent thing is another point of similarity


But every single one of us would absolutely love to get the cur isteach with her! Sweet Jesus- for the parish! Gerrup!


Same here (except for the going to Clare bit, not within my range currently…), but I wouldn’t call it laissez faire, though I know what you mean. I think it’s more that fatalistic West of Ireland thing, “don’t get your hopes up too much”, generations of not much success and all that.

The corollary of it is that when they have any success they enjoy it just about more than anybody else. And in a nice way. I have regular contact with Mrs A’s family whenever there’s games on, great banter.


His twin brother Eoin is a quality footballer. Cathal Malone the midfielder is from Ennistymon which also wouldn’t have much hurling tradition. He transferred to Sixmilebridge a few years ago.


Yeah Eoin plays for miltown (st Joseph’s) and Conor hurls with kilmaley about 30 miles away. You wouldn’t see a kid with a hurl in miltown malbay. They reckon the land was no good for hurling in west Clare so football it was.


What is wrong with you?


I’d say that was a beer fueled hormone rage!


There used to be a hurling team outside Milltown. Clonbony but were junior b level.


Yeah heard of them. A mad shower apparently. Were still playing a few years ago. Must ask the father in law are they still on the go.


Think club folded a couple years ago.


McInerney togged but no way fit to play. Standing adjacent to the warm up. Surely the Clare lads were wise to this long before we were?


Clare have to have a better keeer than the lad in there at the moment. Disaster last week. Disaster today.


I am totally against capital punishment. But then there is Ger Canning…


Game over. Clare are going to get walloped.


That was some goal.


Clare losing by eight yet playing a sweeper :scream:


Very similar to last week, Clares wides are killing them though


Nowhere near as good a game unfortunately.