Hurling Championship 2018


I hope Clare win but think Galway will see them off. Regardless, I’d love to see Limerick win Liam. I think it would prove to Dublin that we aren’t that far off the pace.
I cannot see Galway (with their propensity to fight amongst themselves) remaining dominant for too long. Kilkenny are in transition. Tipperary will continue to have more off years than on. I remain to be convinced by Cork.
The next 3-5 years could be very interesting for everyone outside of the traditional Big Three.


Agree with all of that Beeko, we need to hit our straps now more than ever because the big three don’t lie down for long.


Galway would have won the replay without the injury - they seem to be lacking the hunger and drive to win an all Ireland (which is natural enough when defending the title).

Be a tight game - but reckon Galway will do enough to get through.

Limerick look strong , however how will thy react on the big day


If Galway (as they have so far this year) drop down a level then it’s wide open. Which means probably even a relatively weak Kk will snatch an All-I here and there.


Is it not big two now? Cork haven’t won an All Ireland in a very long time. They’ve fallen down on the job and are in the chasing pack now, along with everyone else.


You could argue that for sure, but i have the feeling the langers will sort it out and when they do they’ll stick around longer then tipp seem to manage.


Lets agree to put an * beside them


Maybe, But Tipp have won 2 All Irelands this decade and could well have won last year, but for a Joe Canning wonder score at the death. Cork haven’t won an All Ireland for 13 years. You can’t really say they are back in the big 3, until they actually are AI champions, if ya get me.

Edit: An * works for me too. :smile:


Agreed yea, big three due to historical trophy haul only at this stage, we can put that beside it. the current team are good but still a bit short. Couple of good players underage recently, so will be interesting to see if they can build on it, but a lot of small skinny fast fellas does not a dominant hurling team make, and they have a lot of those.


Hopefully Clare but think Galway will do it. David Mc will be needed as is Clare best defender even though wasn’t at his best last week. If Joe Canning is missing Galway may put a runner on Conor Cleary as struggles with pacey forwards. Clare will need to make a change to catch Galway off guard again. Shanagher wont have full game in him. John Conlon was isolated too much upfront on his own at times especially when Galway had a sweeper in front of him. Tony Kelly needs to play for the full 70 minutes, drifts in and out of games too much.


Rachel Wise on Sky’s highlights show said Limerick were through to the All-Ireland final, looking to win their first All-Ireland since 1993.
She makes a similar mistake almost every highlights show.


Doesn’t bother me … :wink:


Obviously not… you didn’t pick on me for spelling her name wrong!


That would’ve been unwyse …


Or wise after the event!



She is woeful, the Sky version of Ger Canning.


She’s a million miles away from being as bad as Canning in all fairness.


She’s as wooden as Frank Stapleton.


She even makes Peter Collins look animated.