Hurling Championship 2018


Tipp failed twice to build on winning a Snr All Ire. You could say they were unlucky the first time in that Sheedy left. Though that in itself begs a question anyway, no matter what was said at the time.


I didn’t forget it. But under Alan Rule 3.1 (a) we can’t talk about it, as they are amateur athletes.


And sacred game participants.


Ah well, at least we know now how Boner Maher got his nickname. So that’s always a plus.


Poor auld Sheami :disappointed_relieved:


I’m afraid to ask how Bubbles got his…


Crazy gang alright .


Yep !



Just reading there Barret got back on the panel this year , they must have kissed and made up.


Oh, I’m not touching that without some rubber gloves and Dettol


Is he not running Neverland since Mick died?


Yeah maybe that drink driving thing was all forgotten about. A bit like the portlaoise prats court appearance for assault these things don’t attract public hatred unless you’re a dub.

It’s gas that Google search for tipp.hurlers results in suggestions like drinking, rumours lol

Nobody cared as long as they were winning. Lar Corbetts behavior when they lost in 2012 just ah sure that’s Laurence!!!


I’m pretty sure Bart predicted this would actually happen after they won the AI in '16.


Ah here that’s a bit like predicting night follows day!


I suppose you’d have an inside track on this stuff living down there :wink:


Oh Christ, now all I can hear in my head is Marty Smarty saying all the jolly hurling nicknames like a 3yo on jellybeans.

“Bubbles! Bubbles! Bubbles! The Brick, The Brick! Bonner Bonner Bonner, DJ, ohh DJ! The Gooooooooooooooch! The Bomber! DAN, The MAAAAN!!! yippeeeeee!!” :heart_eyes: :rofl::hugs: :crazy_face:


How did Nudie Hughes get HIS nickname?


Just hum this to yourself. Be grand shure…:+1:


So folks, Clare or Galway? I’m hoping Clare but think Galway will never hit those wides again. Question over fitness of McInerney and Canning could change things though, two big men.


Reckon Galway will have learned more from the last day than Clare who had to react to going down by a big margin early .
Galway for me if they have the two lads back.
Just hearing McInearney has a calf injury & is probably unlikely to be back .